Wednesday, December 5

Reindeer Handprint T-shirts

Now I know yesterday when I shared my cute flower headbands I said that today would be about bunting or over the top hair clips, well guess what, since then I came across something even cooler that I just couldn't wait to share.

Today on let's get crafty special that is this week I give to you Reindeer Handprint T-shirts.

Make a reindeer head out of handprints

And of course they are totally easy to do.

What you will need

Fabric paints and markers
Child to supply handprints (though adults hand would of course work it is just nice to include the kids :)

What you will need to do

Being the visual kind of person that I am, Jess drew a picture to help with the planning.

scribble down a reindeer shape

Take the cardboard and place it inside the shirt. That way the paint won't seep through to the other side.
Paint child's hand and place down on the shirt. Repeat with the other hand.

Reindeer antlers are made with children's handprints

The hands will form the reindeer antlers. It works a little better if you have the base of the hands tilted in towards a little more than what I have shown here.

Next paint the face. As you can see from the drawing the head is a triangle with round corners, if that makes sense.

under the handprints go a face shape
As you can see the painting of the face is very serious business.
Using some black paint add some eyes and nose. Unless of course you want your reindeer to be Rudolf and then you should use red for the nose. And there, ladies and gentlemen is one quick and easy hand print reindeer.
Eyes and a nose to finish the face

Add your own personalisation to the bottom of the shirt.

Handprinted reindeer shirt

Prior to washing the shirt you will need to iron the picture with a clean piece of paper over it so that the paint sets.

And if reindeers aren't your thing then you could always try your hand at a Christmas tree

Christmas trees can also be made from handprints

What's more if you don't want to use a t-shirt the kids could make the pictures on paper instead. They would make lovely wall hangings for the festive season.

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  1. Awesome idea, will have to remeber this for next year as there is no way I am going back to the shops now for supplies!!

  2. I'm very impressed - what a great idea!

  3. I had no idea how hot and sweaty I looked for that pic!
    I still think yours looks better with the bigger face. I need to iron mine cause Ava is desperate to wear it


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