Friday, December 7

Things I Know About Dentists

For weeks now I have been battling some tooth issues. I had hoped that the power of positive thinking was going to wish it all away. Sadly though that was not the case.

Apparently that is not the way to deal with infections inside your gum though. Neither is chewing through pain killers like they are candy, though that does at least mask the symptoms so it is easier to ignore said problem.

According to my lovely dentist (no seriously he really was quite lovely and incredibly gentle all things considered) the only way to rid oneself of a gum infection is via medical intervention. (Who would have thought huh?)

Deep down I did know what he said to be true. Which was kinda why I was sitting in his chair in the first place. What I don't know  however is why it took me so long to get to the chair.

It is not that I am scared of the dentist or even fearful in anyway, I just don't like going. Mind you apart from one crazy lady I don't know anyone who actually likes going to the dentist. Which is a shame for dentist really because so far all the ones I have met have been really rather lovely.

On the whole I tend to find going to the dentist a rather draining experience more than anything. Draining in that I use a great deal of mental power convincing myself that all will be well. Perhaps if I went on a more regular basis for check ups and the like rather than only when there were rather severe matters at hand to be dealt with things would be a little difference. Perhaps if I was a multi millionaire I would be able to afford such a luxury?

So in light of Wednesday's experience here is what I know about dentists

 I know that it wasn't nearly as terrible as I was expecting. In both terms of expense and pain.

 I know that the pain after it has been a lot worse than I was expecting. A lot worse. But when I think of all I had done I guess it is not that surprising. Not that I want to share two many details as I find it rather embarrassing, but I do have a few stitches.

 I know it is hard not to worry that there is still some infection left and that is why it is still painful. The dentist assured me though that what he was doing would get rid of all the infection.

 I know that dental equipment has really come forward in leaps and bounds.

I know that it I was super impressed the way the x-rays taken didn't need to be developed as they were automatically transferred to the computer screen.

I know that the fact even I could see there was a problem in the x-ray meant I probably should have made an appointment at least a week ago. 

I know  that I was so incredibly thankful that the dental surgery was able to squeeze me in on the day I finally got the gumption to call and make an appointment. 

I know that even though it still wasn't a cheap exercise, it was a lot cheaper than I expected. I know that having private health insurance is great and I am so glad we somehow find the money to pay it each and every month.

I know having teeth removed feels to me like an integral part of me ripped from my soul. I think that is why I put it off for as long as possible.

I know that I just love joining in with Miss Cinders and Grace to flog all that I know