Friday, November 9

Mo Growing For Movember

November is a busy month. Not only are writers the world over trying to pump out a mere fifty thousand words in thirty short days, men all around the country are throwing their razors in the bin and growing a mo in bid to raise awareness, and greatly needed funds for mens health.

Before I was the blogging superstar (or wanna be take your pick) that I am today Mr Awesome once took part in this wonderful initiative. Of course I possibly wasn't as supportive as I could have been. I don't kiss men who have a mo and that's all there is too it. It's just not right.

Anyway, it's needless to say Mr Awesome hasn't bothered growing one since. Which was kind of a shame because last year I really wanted to blog about it but for the life of me couldn't find anyone I knew who was taking part.

Turns out I may not have looked very hard because as I recently discovered, my gorgeous nephew is taking part in Movember. In actual fact this is his second year, I missed the memo about it last year. Whoops!

And when I say gorgeous nephew I really do mean gorgeous, in every sense of the word.
Of course when I say my nephew I also feel incredibly old as well.

Now I know I might be a little biased but I just think it is awesome, actually beyond awesome that a group of young guys like Nathan and his mates are taking part in this fantastic campagin. It certainly gives hope to the men of tomorrow. Well it does for me anyway.

So lovely bloggy friends and followers I implore you to go and throw a few dollars towards this dashingly good looking mo. The link to his page is right here

I asked Nathan if he could share a few words about why he wants to be a part of Movember. Here is what he said

In the month of November I observed the gradual progression of Christmas lights, illuminating the usually lacklustre existence of the neighbouring residents. A sudden influx of wrapping, treats and trees adorned shop windows as I passed during my usual stroll. The wind attacked me with its newfound summer heat and I took shelter in one such shop. Relieved to have escaped the wind, I found an inviting bench where I could rest my weary legs. Looking around, I couldn’t help but notice a somewhat peculiar occurrence. Along with the usual changes of the impending Christmas, there was a high proportion of males with moustaches. I enquired to one such individual about these moustaches and he explained that he was involved in “Movember”, a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Men’s health issues including prostate cancer and depression.”

Almost a year later a group of friends and myself decided to try and make a difference on these vital issues. As part of the process, we attempted to grow the best Mo possible, often will dismal results.  We hope that we can raise awareness of prevalence and problems of prostate cancer and men’s depression. These are two issues that many men find difficult to talk about and these problems often go unnoticed in the public sphere. This is the second year that I have been involved and I hope that I can raise more funds than last year. I also hope that I can grow a better mo, as last year it failed to grow in the middle area right under my nose. 

Regardless of my poor efforts with my Mo, it is the cause that is important, so please donate generously.

Naw bless him.

Please if you are in a position to help out in anyway it is a vital cause and will be greatly appreciated.

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