Monday, December 31

Life without connection

It has been a busy couple of weeks here. As I suspect it has been at most places. It is after all one of the busiest times of the year the world over. Of course you have no idea just what I have been up to because the universe decided that I was to have some time out from the technological world.

It all started the Saturday before Christmas. Some lovely friends from interstate had dropped in for a visit. They have a daughter five weeks younger than Miss Six. The two were tummy buddies, sadly though they never got to spend too much time together on the outside before the move was made.

Anyway they are visiting their old stomping grounds for Christmas and had popped in for a swim to cool down, only with them came a rather large electrical storm. Needless to say the swim was postponed. While we waited for the storm to pass I went to put the kettle on for a cuppa. It just so happened that as I touched the tap, lightning struck somewhere rather close by. I got the shock of my life as I felt the electricity travel up my arm and out my shoulder.

At the same time as this the lights went out and the power surged. It was all very exciting (for want of a better word) till we discovered that the modem no longer turned on and my shoulder throb for the next two hours.

Our Internet provider supplied us with the modem and are sending out a new one which normally takes three days. Apparently over the festive season though this may extend to three weeks. Or at least it feels that way.

To begin with I was not too fussed about the lack of Internet. I still had some access via my phone and not having wireless was just one less thing to argue with Miss Eleven about. However on Sunday when I dropped my phone, smashing the screen and rendering it useless I started to feel a little closed in as social media and all the Internet contains was quickly and almost literally slipping through my fingers.

Despite it being Christmas Eve I traipsed all the way into the city to the phone repair man. You can only imagine my excitement when I discovered he was closed until the 27th. Three whole days away. My mind began to boggle trying to come to terms with no phone for three whole days. It already felt like an eternity.

Being a silver lining lover I decided to run with the notion that disconnecting was a good thing. Because let's face it, it was. As much as I missed not sending mass texts messages of joy, goodwill and love, I did enjoy just chilling with my girls and living in the moment.

Towards the end of the three days I realised I could put my sim card in the iPad. This did give me access to most things but, just between you and me, I liked not feeling the need to constantly be checking in. Plus Miss Eleven's constant complaints about not being able to check in with her Facebook friends made me realise just how involved this house had become with social media, the Internet and the like.

Once I had dropped the phone off at the repairers though I was more than keen to retrieve it. Waiting all day for it to be ready felt like forever. I was so pleased to be able to race in and pick it up, five minutes before closing time. I did think it was strange the way it kept saying 'searching' but my sim card still wasn't installed so I didn't think much of it.

I wish I had of because putting my sim card in didn't fix the problem. In fact there was nothing I could do to fix it myself. Mr Awesome kept saying to check in with what Google had to say but I was just too distraught to think straight. I was fine with a short imposed break but I was just about at the end of my tether by now.

When I took it back to the repairers the next day it took them all of two seconds to fix and show me how I could of *easily* done the same. Or I could just not smash it to smithereens in the future. Though my elation was short lived because it was my mother's birthday and there was no way I could do anything other than spend the day fussing over her.

Imagine my excitement when late on Friday night, nearly one whole week without my phone, I finally get some time to sit down and flitter about social media. Imagine that excitement fading faster than a setting sun when I get a text telling me I have reached my data limit for the month.

Suddenly human implosion seemed very possible.

Then to top it all off, just as I began to get into a slight flurry over how I would be able to be ready for the first IBOT post of the new year, Mr Awesome informs me that we still have an old dial up modem that would give a slow connection to the Mac.


Deep breath and lots of them.

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses


  1. How frustrating, I don't like going without internet either. Wishing you a well connected 2013!

  2. You've just reminded me that I urgently need to pay my phone bill.
    Cheers - A very happy New Year to you and your crew.

  3. I couldn't cope without internet, I'm getting sweaty palms thinking about it! Happy New Year - Emily


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