Tuesday, December 4

Cute Flower Headbands

Hello and welcome to day two of Rhianna Gets Crafty. Yesterday was all about the button bracelet and today is all about cute flower headbands.

Once again they are quick and simple and highly effective. 

Tomorrow I am not sure whether to share some easy bunting or these lovely over the top hair clips.
The girls wore them to carols by candlelight the other night. Well at least they were wearing them at the start of the night.
Some how one may have ended up on my head at one point.

As Christmas quickly approaches I have the overwhelming desire to make stuff.  And with the school holidays only days away I need to find stuff to do with the kids, so it is all a win win really. Especially when you take into account my desire to blog my way to stardom. Leaving you the really winner because you get the low down on some simple things to make and do.

After all what is a mummy blogger without a bit of craft now and then?

Mind you, just between you me and the fence post, my craft skills are somewhat lacking at times. I always seem to have dreams of grandure that are hard to fulfil. Thankfully though I am slowly discovering activities that are not only within my capabilities but also the girls. So let's get back to today's material flower headbands.
My desire to know how to make material flowers has been unfulfilled for a very long time. When I found out just how easy they were at a recent Spotlight in store demonstration I couldn't wait to get home and give it a go.

All you need are
Five circles of material.

These ones are about 8cm in diameter. It is hard to say really as we didn't measure them. Miss Eleven just traced around the inside of one of my bangles.

Clever thing that she is!
Fold a circle in half and with a needle and thread sew along the round edge of your now semi circle. Just do a loose running stitch a couple of mm long. When you get to the end pull the thread tight so that the edge pulls together. Then do the same with the next circle just adding it to your existing thread.
After the fifth petal is attached do a few little stitches into the first petal to secure it all in place. Now all you need to do is add a button to the center.

I initially sewed the button in place because I had no other alternative. However I have since come into possession of a hot glue gun.

Oh me oh my!

How I ever survived without one before I do not know. If you really don't want to fork out the $20 or so for a gun and 50 glue sticks so be it. Sew your button on, it is possible, a little tricky to ensure it is securely fastened but certainly doable. If however you are a little flush with cash and it is burning a hole in your pocket go and get one of these little beauties. I foresee much use of it in my future.

Back to the headbands though.

Once the button is on you need to attach your flower to your head band. Depending on the look you want the possibilities are almost endless.

You could measure out a piece of braided elastic as I did in the picture at the top of the page. It was prior to my glue gun ownership so I just sewed them on the elastic. As you can see I made three flowers and popped them in a row.

Alternatively you could get a pre purchased headband like this

And attach the flower to it. Made oh so easy with a glue gun and a strip of material. Attach the flower to the material and then the material to the headband.

And there you have it. A lovely new original headband.

Feel free to this to your favorite board and share with all your friends.

Joining in with Jess and the gang for #IBOT. 
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