Thursday, January 17

Things I Know About School Holidays

Things I Know
I know that I really and truly love the school holidays. I am by no means one of those mum's that dreads the start of school holidays. Nor do I long for them to come to an end. In fact quiet the opposite.

I know one of the things I love most about the school holidays is that time almost ceases to exist. There is rarely a need to be anywhere at any particular time, particularly before 9 am in the morning.

I know that I do not miss the morning chaos that comes with the school term. Not at all. Not one single bit. Quite the opposite in fact. The peace and tranquility that resides over the morning during holiday time is pure and utter bliss.

I know that school holidays are all about having fun and getting outdoors so we can make the most of our time together. It means we get to do things like...

early morning kayak paddles

 climbing to the tallest tower

 frolic in rock pools

 hang out at public pools

have pancake picnic breakfasts

I know that the fact there is only one week left of the school holidays makes me a tad sad. Actually it makes me a lot sad.

I know that even though I am sad about the holidays ending there is also a lot of good that will come of it. Like being able to slot in a run without anyone complaining that they don't want to go.

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I know that I am going to share all I know with all those who know to flog their blog WithSomeGrace. If you are after some great blogs to read, that is the place to start.

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