Friday, May 1

Getting my creativity on - Crochet

Despite the burning desire to be a writer rarely do I think of myself as brimming with creativity. Truth be told it is only on the odd occasion (especially of late) when I even think I may actually have a way with words. I just keep plodding along here because a) I am an eternal optimist and b) writing helps to clear my mind. But enough of my self doubt and low self esteem, while they may quite possibly make for some great blog posts, they are not the topic of conversation today.

Today is all about creativity.

The lovely Deb over at Inner Compass Designs has launched a brand new linky this week called The Creativity Tree and while I may not always be able to see my creativity in the best light I do like to try and create whenever possible.

Most nights see me sitting down and crocheting. Much like writing I find it soothes my soul and clears my mind. Though again like writing I often doubt my ability and whether it really counts as being creative.

I currently have two projects on the go.

The first is a blanket made with these squares

I also have a lovely navy blue that I will make alternate squares out of. Actually the navy will be the main feature as I have more navy than purple wool but so far this is all I have made.

The other project I am working on is this

A chevron granny. I had no idea that this was even possible until I came across a how two by the awesome Mikey over at the Crochet Crowd. If you are in anyway interesting in crochet this is the place to go. By far the easiest to follow tutorials I have come across. The video for the granny ripple can be found here

While this final project is actually finished it is one I hope to repeat sooner rather than later because I want to look at more of them hanging around on every window.

Flower garlands. This one I whipped up while we were in the Sterling Rangers on #ouradventureofalifetime

To see what other creative juices people have flowing head on over to Deb's
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