Thursday, May 14

Thankful Thursday

Another Thursday is rolling around with the Wednesday night that preceding it finding me somewhat drained and void of coherent thought. Not really the ideal situation for someone who has a blog linky to host but thems the breaks. Since very few people have been stopping by on a Thursday (or any day for that matter) I guess it matters little.

But moving right along.

As much as my mind might be drawing blanks I have so very much to be thankful for,


  • Teapot getting an honour certificate for settling into school and being so enthusiastic
  • The teacher calling me the day before the assembly so I could be there to watch it being presented
  • Netflixs. I have been totally enjoying reliving the early seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and what has been even more enjoyable has been Third Rock From the Sun. Of course watching hysterically funny sitcoms is not conducive to blog post writing.
  • A most wonderful Mother's Day. It was not flash nor fancy but it was a most pleasant day that involved a sleep in, breakfast cooked and relatively no bickering between the girls. To top it all off there was delicious pizza, roast pork and a sticky date pudding complete with caramel sauce.
  • Getting my new blog up and running. It can be found here if you are interested. And there is a Facebook Page. Though there is not a lot happening on either yet as I am still trying to find my feet. All in good time though.
  • Having a massage, manicure and pedicure. Complete with champers.
For now though it is way past my bed time. Thanks to HIMYM this post has taken a ridiculously long time to write and quite possibly has little of worth in it. 

I promise I will try better tomorrow. Maybe.

Please though tell me what you are thankful for this week.

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