Thursday, May 21

Thankful Thursday

Another Thursday is rolling round and rather than have my post already written, scheduled and live on the blog I am sitting on my couch wondering what it is I am going to be thankful for this week.

The possibilities are almost endless. It has been another rather lovely week here. Nothing overly spectacular but nothing overly awful either. Though there were are few awful moments, like when the car didn't pass it's registration inspection.


Thankfully though after forking out quite a few hundred dollars the mechanic was able to fix everything that was wrong and then pass it. Even more thankfully Mr Awesome's dad, who I guess could be referred to Mr Awesome Senior, kindly helped us with finding the necessary few hundred dollars.

Other good things to happen in the week include

  • getting the hot water system and toilet fixed
  • having plenty of crochet time
  • some new watercolour pencils, though a good colouring book currently eludes me
  • getting a top up on our broad band which means I can spend today continuing my How I Met Your Mother marathon
  • Mr Awesome cleaning the kitchen last night so I can enjoy my marathon relatively guilt free
  • scoring a blender, scales with a mixing bowl and an electric beater for $20
  • getting electric blankets for our beds before winter proper arrives 

What about you?

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