Thursday, May 7

Thankful Thursday

This week my thankful post is going to be short and sweet. While as always I have much to be thankful for, time is not exactly on my side right now. Mind you I only have myself to blame.

Even as I was writing my post on Tuesday about how I felt so together, I knew that I was jinxing myself for days to come. Be that as is it may I just had to get the words out and I am glad I did. It helped me to see how thankful I am to have been able to survive all those sleepless years.

I am thankful for
  • Teapot slipping into the school routine without any more tears
  • Miss Cinders sharing her awesome jam drop recipe
  • The possibility of having some work. Though it is only one day a week and only commission based it is flexible and better than nothing
  • Being able to walk home from school with the girls and stop for a play in the park
  • Children who on occasion wash their plate without being asked
  • Finally beginning to understand how the whole doing a bit of housekeeping every day makes it easier in the long run
  • A Facebook friend who every day shares one good thing, sometimes more. It really does warm my heart to see people stop and see what they have
  • Another Facebook friend who left me this message Hi Rhianna , I thought of you today, I was shopping and passed a craft stall and there it was a beautiful tin with the wording "Butterfly Wishes" written across it and the rest was covered in butterfly's. Made me feel good. thanks.
So what about you? What are you thankful for this week?
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