Thursday, May 28

Thankful Thursday

The brain is a funny thing sometimes. Like how all week long as various things happen to me, my brain thinks "Oh that would be a great inclusion for Thankful Thursday this week" Then when it actually comes time to write the post it goes blank.

Completely and utterly blank. Unable to think of a single thing that could make the post readable. Which then sends me into a bit of a tizz because the reality of life is that I have an abundance of things to be thankful for.

My life is an incredibly blessed one.

I get to spend each and every day with the man of my dreams, the love of my life, my one and only. We have three amazing daughters who are beautiful inside and out. We are somehow able to survive (some would say comfortably) on only one wage in one of the most beautiful places in Australia. I could not be more happier about our decision to stop and stay in the South West for a bit.

And while all of that is something to be incredibly thankful for, and I most certainly am, it is not something that makes for great reading week in and week out.

So what else am I thankful for?

This week I am thankful that Zany did such a great job in her class performance at assembly. After just five weeks of ukulele lessons she was able to play two songs. One of which is right up there on my most favourite songs list. Mind you I can't help but wonder if Tom Dooley is really the most appropriate song for nine year olds to sing given it is all about a man who will soon be hanging from a tree. The other song, Mary Mack, made my heart swell as well as it took me straight back to my own school days.

I am thankful that this school has so many opportunities for the girls. There is a music teacher, a performing arts teacher, sports teachers, specialised language teachers, art teacher, as well as class the classroom teachers. All of whom seem to be talented, kind and caring.

Monday is a public holiday here and I am super thankful for that. Hopefully the weather will be lovely and we will get to go camping for a night or two. As freezing as it may be I love the idea of sleeping out under the stars. I do miss it so.

Last night was game one of State of Origin. I am thankful that it was shown live on free to air here, given this is quite possibly the least rugby league state in Australia I wondered whether it would be shown. Not only am I thankful it was but thankfully my team was the winner and great game was had.

My final thanks for today is for the fact that Lovely realises the importance of being a part of a team and being committed to that team. Her hockey team played last night meaning that she would miss most of the big game, much to her disappointment I might add. Despite this she still went and played.

So what about you? What are you thankful for?

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