Saturday, April 19

Things I Know About Easter

Given that as I write it is Good Friday I thought it only fitting to write about the things I know about Easter. Well actually that is not entirely true, I had planned to write about the things I know about procrastination but then I realised I had already been there and done that. So things I know about Easter it is.

In all fairness to Easter though I had been thinking all week that a things I know about Easter would be kind of fitting, until I wondered what I actually do know about Easter. At this point in time I am holed up in the bedroom under the guise of studying. Being the awesome procrastinator that I am naturally not actually studying, which is why I thought that maybe a post about the things I know about procrastinating was a good idea.

Turns out I have actually spoken about procrastination quite a fair bit on this little old blog (do a quick search in the search box to the right to see what I mean). The fact that it is now Easter Saturday is testament to how easily distracted I am.

As I was writing I was also doing a quick google search to see what the interwebs had to say about Easter. Turns out, not a lot that was of use. Top of the page was what Wiki had to say about Easter, followed by where to party in Sydney. Because you know, Easter is all about partying isn't it?

I know that for me, particularly this Easter, it is all about relaxing and trying to get some study done.

I know that if it weren't for an impending assignment this Easter would have been about taking our new mobile home out for a test drive.

I know that I thought it rather cute Mr Awesome spent the day sitting inside said mobile home while it was parked in the driveway on account of not being able to get away for the weekend.

I know that I found the price of Easter eggs rather disgustingly disturbing.

I know that it makes me sad to think that our lives are becoming so commercialised.

I know that there will not be many eggs in our house this year. Which is not necessarily a bad thing for teeth and waistlines.

I know that if you wanted a more meaningful Easter post you should totally head on over to Essentially Jess.

I know that if you want to find out more of what other people know you should totally head to Help I'ms Stuck as that is where Things I Know lives.

I know that I am also going to link up with Mums Take Five

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