Monday, April 21

Childhood dreams and the adult reality

As a child growing up there were only ever three career paths I ever really considered. They were (in no particular order I might add) being a journalist, a formula one mechanic, or a truck driver. Actually not just any old truck driver but a Mack Truck road train driver.

Where most young girls had their walls plastered with the latest posters from whatever the hip kids mags of the era were, my bedroom walls were adorned with road trains. Specifically Mack ones.

I loved everything about them. Particularly the fact that girls weren't supposed to interested in them. I was a bit of a rebel like and and refused to conform to as many norms as I could. Of course the fact that one of my parents closet friends at the time worked for Mack and gave me an endless supply of these posters also had something to do with my interest.

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With hindsight and looking at that glorious image above I can't help but wonder if my obsession with them was also to do with the freedom I thought a truckie had. Not to mention the wonderful view of the open road ahead of them and the sights I was sure they would see. I do know however that I desperately wanted to be the first female road train driver.

Till of course I discovered that someone had already beaten me to it and my dream was shattered. It was about that time I decided to be the formula one mechanic. Purely because I was certain that no woman had done that yet and I was destined to be a pioneer of some description.

Being a mother was certainly never on the list of things I was aiming to do. Though in all fairness neither was not having children. It was just not something I gave much thought to.

As I got a little older and I realised how much loved and needed to write it seemed only natural that I would become a journalist. Because that is what people who love to write do isn't it?

Clearly non of these childhood aspirations came into fruition. Instead I am stay at home mum who is currently working part time, while trying to study (again) as she waits for her adventure of a lifetime to begin in around fourteen weeks. In between it all I somehow squeeze in blogging.

Well actually, there is no somehow about it. I stay up late tapping away on my keyboard trying to churn out words of awesome so that I feel in some small way close to actually being something similar to what my younger self thought I would. That and the fact that writing is one of the things that helps me keep a grasp of my sanity.

Sitting down to write is one of the few times in my day where my brain doesn't feel kerfuddled and all over the place. Instead it is when I usually feel my most centred and together. Which is more than kinda nice I can tell you

Somehow or another though, thanks to this little old blog I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity, on more than once occasion to actually pretend that I was a journalist. And by that I mean I was able to interview famous people. Well one famous person and two mothers of famous people.

My first famous person encounter was with the mother of Emily Seebohm, Karen. Emily, in case you didn't know is an amazingly fast swimmer. The next came shortly after and was even more exciting as I spoke to Pam. Who just happened to give birth to one of this country's fastest ever male swimmers, the ever gorgeous Eamon Sullivan.

But I am starting to digress and get caught up in name dropping. Or rather post dropping I guess.

When I sat down to write this post I had originally planned to call it Love Your Sister and Touch Yourself. My last brush at playing journalist was when Samuel Johnson rode his unicycle to town.

If by chance you missed it he was riding his unicycle around the country to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. Love Your Sister was the name of the organisation they set up to promote Sam's journey. It was around this time last year that they were in Darwin. Actually Lovely got to celebrate her twelfth birthday watching Sam swim with the crocodiles. But again I am starting to get off track.

You see something else happened around this time last year.

A beautiful woman lost her battle with breast cancer.* Before she left the world though she left one of her most well known songs to be used for breast cancer awareness.

Which ultimately is what I really wanted to share with you today.

So have you touched yourself today?

*actually chances are more than one beautiful woman lost her battle this time last year, there was only one however that really made the papers.
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