Wednesday, April 23

Thankful Thursday - The Teapot Edition

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life It is going to be another short and sweet round of thanks from me again this week. My assignment is still oh so patiently waiting to be completed and with the due date of tomorrow afternoon looming closer by the moment I really need to just knuckle down and get on with it.

Without a doubt this week I am thankful that I work well under pressure.

In fact sometimes I can't help but wonder if I only seem to work under pressure. It would explain perfectly why said assignment is still waiting to be finished as opposed to actually being finished or even close to.

While still on the topic of the assignment I am thankful that it is slowly starting to make some sense. it gives me hope that I may just be able to get it done after all.

My main thanks this week goes to...

That smiling little cherub. Oh how she makes my heart sing. 

I am thankful that she is quite happy to entertain herself when I need to immerse myself in my books. I am thankful for the snugly cuddles and delightful smiles.
I am thankful for the wonderful conversations that she has with me on all manner of things. Like how she wanted to send her friend an Easter card but now Easter was over she wasn't sure if she still could.
I am thankful that she is still relatively happy to clean up at least some of the mess that she makes.
I am thankful that she listens and takes so much of what is going on around her.
I am thankful that she doesn't fight sleep.
I am thankful that as agreeable as what she is there are still times when she fights for what she really wants.
But more than anything I am thankful to call her mine.

Other thanks this week goes to

- registering for the Mother's Day Classic
- my blood levels nearly doing what they are supposed to
- customers who say the kindest things
- another long weekend
- being able to operate on not much sleep
- running (again)
- being mentioned in someone's favourite bloggers list

Over to you. What are you thankful for this week?

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