Wednesday, April 9

Thankful for cheating cakes and typing quick

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life It is the early hours of Thursday morning and I was just putting the finishing touches on today's post. I had actually started on Tuesday, which is something rather unusual for this last minute Lucy.

As it turns out most of what I had written onTuesday got sent to the rubbish, but it was nice thinking that I was semi organised. Of course when Blogger kindly froze without saving any of my changes I did wonder why it was I bothered with the whole organisation thing.

The joys of modern technology hey?

So here is a quick recap of what I said.

I am thankful that Teapot had a lovely birthday and enjoyed a simple day.

I am thankful that for my birthday last month I was given a cheat's cake book. Made by the awesome ladies over at The Australian Woman's Weekly I think it is a must have for every mother.

As much as I love getting my Martha on and trying my hand at creating things for the kids, I find it incredibly disappointing when I fall well short of the mark. This book however seems to be the answer to all my prayers.

This is the photo from the book that my little Teapot adamantly requested I recreate.

And this is what I created

I am beyond thankful that it worked out as well as what it did. 

Other random and quick thanks goes to

- saving my blog template when I thought I had lost it all.
- beautiful friends that stopped by to help make Teapot's day super special
- school holidays
- being able to get by on limited sleep
- this post actually saving and working and it not taking nearly as long to get out the second time round

What about you? What are you thankful for?

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