Monday, April 21

Mr Awesome and his duck face

Last week when we were caravan adventuring, or rather searching for a caravan for our adventuring, Mr Awesome had an epiphany. One that was brought about I think by Lovely's constant desire to take selfies.

One that makes me giggle, and hopefully you will too.

As we adventure our way around Australia Mr Awesome is going to share his duck face selfies with the world at large

On top of Ubirr Rock, Kakadu NT
Or rather he is going to take the duck face selfies, and I will share them with the world at large.

In our hotel room, Kakadu Crocodile Hotel.
The hotel is actually shaped like a crocodile, I kid you not.
With yours truly as I tell him my plans to share his duck face far and wide.

At home with his rather delicious chilli mud crab,
he may not cook much but man does he do a mean chilli muddy
Stay tuned for more duck face giggles. If all goes to plan I may just sort him his own duck face website.

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