Tuesday, April 8

Babies, four year olds and impending teenagers

Yesterday saw my little Teapot turn four. Which as you can imagine has sent me into a reflection overdrive. Birthdays just tend to do that I guess.

It is hard to believe that four whole years has passed since she was born.

Little Teapot, less than 12 hours old
In so many ways it does feel like it was only yesterday. Till I stop to think of all that has occurred in that time of course. Though truth be told the the main thing that I think of in that time is the fact that it also roughly equates to how long my dad has been dead for. Which feels like so much longer than four years I must say.

Not so little Teapot, four years old
I often look at her and wonder just how much of him is in her. Dad passed away when I was about three months pregnant. I am so glad that even though he never got to know her at least he got to know she was on the way.

As it stands this should be the last time that I have a four year old. As much as I may have wanted a whole tribe of children years ago, now I am happy to stop at three. In fact I am more than happy to stop at three. While I totally love having babies and loved every moment of having a baby in the house I am pretty excited to be moving on past the baby stage as well.

Turns out this mothering gig is so much more than just babies.

Lately I have found myself stating how there should be a warning that comes with babies. One that reminds you that they will not always be cute and cuddly. That one day they will grow into teenagers. A time that may very well try you more than any baby moment.

Did I mention that in ten days Lovely will become a teenager?

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