Wednesday, April 17

Hanging with the Love Your Sister gang and a croc or two

So today rather that tackle the mountains of dishes, clothes and endless household chores waiting to be done, we did something a bit different.

Though if the truth be told since today was the day that Miss Eleven became Miss Twelve, I probably wouldn't have tackled any of those things and nor will I tomorrow for that matter.

the birthday girl

We decided to take some time out from the birthday celebrations and come here

entry sign at crocosaurus cove

to see this man, Samuel Johnson. Maybe you have heard of him before? 

A big wave from the super friendly Samuel Johnson

He is currently on a rather exciting adventure as he rides a unicycle 15 000km around this fair nation that I call home. He is hoping to raise awareness about the importance for women, all women, of all ages, to feel their boobies. 

Early detection of breast cancer means the chances of fighting it are greater. 

As Sam and his sister Connie say 
Don't fall into the booby trap, 
be breast aware!

Samuel is also hoping to raise $1 million
For all the details check the Love Your Sister website. 
You can donate here

Crocodile being fed by Samuel Johnson

Watching Sam feed the crocs was only half of the reason we were there. He had a much tougher challenge ahead. 

Walking down the path to crocodile swimming Samuel Johnson

 One that involved him getting up close and personal to a certain crocodile called Chopper.

Chopper the croc eyeballs Samuel Johnson

Don't be fooled by his calm appearance here. And with that I mean both the crocodile and Sam because it got a lot more heated after this. For now though I will leave it here. I have had a big day and it is now heading towards late, so you my lovely readers will just have to wait. 

It's ok though, I promise I will be sharing plenty more about all the fun and excitement of today. In the meantime go check out Love Your Sister and make sure you stay booby aware.

Joining in, for the first time in a long time with
My Little Drummer Boys

with perhaps a not so wordless post, but a very important message.
One that I know is close to a lot of our hearts xxx
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