Friday, May 31

Things I Know About Getting Race Ready, Bike Riding and Sick People

Hard to believe that once again Friday is upon us, which means time to share all the things I know this fine week.

With the big race only two sleeps away excitement levels are high though there are plenty of worries and doubts that keep trying to rain on the parade. Nothing like good internal conflict to battle through the days with.

Anyway enough idle chit chat, here are the things I know this week, if you know stuff, and I am sure you do because we all know stuff, head on over to Miss Cinders and join on in

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I know that not having a car for a few days last week made me question how much I really need a car. Realistically most places we go are well within riding distance. Even for Miss 6.

I know that riding a bike rather than driving somewhere takes more thought and planning. And obviously more time.

I know that whoever said half the fun is in getting there, must have been a regular bike rider.

I know that while theoretically incorporating bike riding as my main form of training appeared to be a good idea, the practise may have actually proved other wise.

I know (now) that the extra resistance of the hardest gear on my bike going up a slight incline was not the best idea but made me feel like super woman at the time.

I know that the tight feeling I keep getting in my right calf is hard not to worry about. In fact there are far too many muscles that are feeling tight at times for my liking.

I know that throughout each day there are many times when I stop and take a few breaths and tell myself not to worry...about my tight muscles, injuring myself, or not finishing the a whole bunch of other things.

I know that watching the rest of the house fall like flies with flus and stomach bugs has also caused me some concern and many a deep breaths.

I know that I am done waiting on sick people. In fact I am just done with sick people. Or at least sick people in this house looking for my sympathy. Stop looking there isn't any I ran out days ago.

I know that must make me sound like a terrible mother. I am not I assure you. I just get sick of sick people real quick.
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Where sick people belong

I know that I think sick people should just go to bed and stay there till they are no longer sick. They should not crowd my couch and lounge room and expect me to wait on them hand and foot.

What do you know this week?

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more about sick people !!!
    Good luck for the race in two sleeps time - can't wait to hear how you go !! I am sure that you will have a great time.
    Have the best day !

  2. I laughed... I'm sorry! But oh my goshness I get the sick people! I feel like yelling "Just go to bed already!!" The bugs have invaded our place again too.... everyone but me, again!

    Two days! OMG!! Only two days to go!! You will do great :)

    Had a major giggle at this "I know that whoever said half the fun is in getting there, must have been a regular bike rider." I've never owned a bike, so can only imagine what it means... and it's kinda scary to be honest!!

    MC x

    1. Never owned a bike????? OMG! My brain has trouble computing that. I never got a brand new bike till I was 24 but I always had a bike.

  3. Good luck in 2 days!! I am over sickness and doctors too and I don't care if I sound like a whingy bad mum when I say that!! Good on yo for bike riding, I am too lazy to even consider it!!

    1. I hope good health has returned to your house Ann. Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way


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