Friday, May 17

Things I Know About Machines and Being Mother of the Year

 It feels like forever since I have shared some things that I know. So rather than tackle the washing or empty the dishwasher I decided the world would be a much better place if everyone knew some of the things that I do.

The first thing I know is that I should have made a coffee before I started. I know that I am going to jump and make one hang on a tick...

...sorry if I kept you waiting longer than expected I decided to empty AND restack the dishwasher while my lovely little machine made my coffee. Go me right?

I know I feel better about sitting here in front of the computer knowing that my dishes are on their way to being clean. I am still not ready to let Mr Awesome know that I am secretly in love with the machine I swore black and blue I didn't want in my house. I certainly don't know what I was thinking, denying us all the pleasure that comes with a dishwasher for all those years.

I know that the coffee machine I won last week

along with the beautiful Viva La Body soap, made fantastic Mother's Day presents.

The fact that we don't actually buy Mother's (or Father's) Day presents made winning all the booty even more special. I know that the $5 in tickets I invested, an hour before the raffle was drawn no less, was one of the best investments I have made for a very long time.

I know that when I started this post I had many things that I knew. I guess getting up for coffee, cleaning the kitchen and being interrupted by Miss Three to fast forward through the ads on the taped show she is watching every five minutes is somewhat distracting. (Yep Mother of the Year right here)

I know that Miss Three just constantly melts my heart. When I was in the kitchen she came and asked for a drink. Which as I was standing right next to the water cooler with a cup in reach I was able to do instantly. As I handed her the cup of cold water her little hand rubbed my leg as she told me that I was a good mum. 

Awe bless I thought. 

Followed by crap on the stick!! I must make her wait so long for things sometimes the excitement of getting what she asked for right away was too much to hold in. Sometimes when she asks for a drink and I am at the computer, or other wise preoccupied, but probably at the computer, it may take a couple of requests before I jump up. (Yep told you Mother. Of. The. Year)

I know that it frustrates me no end that Miss Three is unable to get her own drinks of cold water. Despite our best intentions. We have a twenty litre cooler that sits on the bench so the kids can get their own drinks without constantly opening the fridge. Good thinking right?

Apart from the fact that Miss Three is unable to operate the spout on the nozzle. Which is actually good in that she doesn't just go and play with it as she did our old one, but terrible in that now I have to get her a drink all the time. (Totally a first world problem that only a true MOTY would bitch about)

I know that this post has probably gone on for long enough. That and I really should go and see to some of my wifely/motherly duties. I know that the weekend gets off to a much better start when the house does not appear to be the wreckage of disaster zone.

I know that the #BlogEveryDayInMay challenge that I started over at Making Time To Make It Matter was a great idea at the start of the month. I only wish I didn't have to play catch up in the middle of the month 

What do you know? 
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  1. LOL - I too have many MOTY moments although probably not as many lately given my baby is 21 !!! I too, listen distractedly to her, when I am busy on the computer /phone - especially now when A is away and she really doesn't keep quiet a lot of the time !!!
    Great investment in the MD raffle - good work !
    Funny how the guilt doesn't seem so bad if you have done some chores before sitting down at the computer - trying to decide what leeway I am going to give myself tomorrow when doing the tax returns - check twitter every 15 mins for 5 mins, check twitter for 30 mins after one return completed, check twitter whenever I get frustrated (OK this may not be a very productive option), not check twitter until both returns are completed and submitted ???? Decisions, decisions !!
    Have the best day and sorry for high-jacking your comments !

    1. Yep if some of the jobs are done then the guilt doesn't even think about showing up. I think you should check twitter after every third question on the return.

      And you my lovely are able to hijack my comments whenever you like xx

  2. My mum who reckoned she loved washing up finally had a dishwasher when she moved into her retirement villa two years ago at the age of 74. I think she regrets 60 odd years of washing up by hand now too!

    We have plastic cups in a low drawer, and our girls get their own water from the tap in the bathroom they can reach with a stool. This changed my life :)

    1. I have never loved doing the dishes, quite the opposite in fact, I just think or rather thought, a dishwasher was a waste of electricity and water. There are actually quite few modern machines if you will that I am not really a fan of. I am all for manual labour.

      There is something magical about self sufficiency for drinks isn't there. We had it but it meant lots of opening and closing of the fridge.

  3. Oh, I am constantly feeling like Mother of the Year at the moment! So tired I have no patience, and my poor little almost-three-year-old is copping it most of the time. WHY OH WHY DOES SHE ASK SO MANY WHY QUESTIONS! x

    1. Oh lovely! xxx You have a lot on with a newbie so many adjustments for everyone to make. I hope you get some rest so it all eases a little. I am forever thankful that somehow the why questioning never lasted long with any of mine. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you lovely lady.


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