Thursday, May 16

Behind the Camera (aka Photos of Me)

It is with great pleasure, that for the first time, I am joining in with fellow #TeamIBOT member iSophie's  groovy new linky.
This is the second month it has been running for however last month I didn't quite have my act last month so I couldn't participate. This month however I am on fire with having my act together.

Kinda, sorta, at least I have something right?

Though I am wondering if this was really what Sophie had in mind?

Probably not, but I am a bit fond of shadow photos. I am wondering if perhaps it could make for a good coffee table book? Shadows of Me. Or maybe Me and My Shadow. Obviously still all very much a work in progress but then what isn't?

Back to the post at hand though. Photos of me, rather than just of my shadow on some nice rocks.

Yours truly with the ever lovely Samuel
Someone has commented that I look as if all my Christmas'
had come at once. HELLO!! That is Samuel Johnston I am
standing next to darn straight it was beyond awesome!!
Regular readers will recall that back in April I got the opportunity to catch up with Samuel Johnson as he swung by on his unicycle. In case you are not a regular reader and have not heard of him before his sister has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and this is his way of sending her off with a bang.

Not only that if all goes to plan Sam will also have raised a million bucks for cancer research and goodness knows how much awareness for the cause. If detected earlier Connie (Sam's sister) would more than likely have received a different diagnosis. Be breast aware and don't fall into a booby trap.

To donate or find out more information about Sam's adventure check out 

Me with the One Mob Dancers. 
Still on the Love Your Sister topic, I caught up with the One Mob Dancers who performed for Connie and Sam when they were in town.

I know that I have already post this photo (and the one above for that matter) but just quietly, for me it really was all a pretty big deal. After all it was *swoon* Samuel Johnson. 

Not only that but actually asking these guys if I could have my photo taken with them took a whole heap of courage on my part. There is no doubt that I had my big girl pants on that day. Which by the way felt rather awesome and I was inspired to do all manner of things. Which I may or may not have actually done...

One thing I did do recently was run away to the bush for the weekend. It was just the escape from the drudges of reality that I needed. It turns out it was also the perfect opportunity for others to take a few snaps of my.

Patiently waiting for Miss 3 to adjust her socks
Photo credits for this one go to Miss 12
Me! In all my glory so to speak. This is what two days of camping does for me
And a close up.
A walking we will go.
Though the path doesn't really look very bush like does it now?
Smiling for the camera.
Apparently this was the only photo Mr Awesome could find to post to
Facebook on Mother's Day wishing me a happy day.
Could I look less impressed with the world?
Literally behind the camera.
Hot and sweaty after a run.
Didn't want you to think I was only about glamour shots
So there you have it, a whole bunch of photos of me stepping out from behind the camera. In many ways it feels really lovely to have a bunch of photos of me. Generally speaking I often struggle to appreciate my appearance in photos. Which is strange because looking in the mirror I love what I see much more often than not.

There is still plenty of time for you to set the self timer on your camera or ask the kids or heck even ask a stranger in a park and join on in over at iSophie

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  1. You have some great photos lovely lady !!!
    I hate being on the other side of the camera and I am really not very good from this side of the camera either !!
    Have the best weekend !

    1. Thank you, it really makes me smile to look through them. It certainly will be something I try to do more of

  2. Lovely photos, I think they show true emotions rather than stuck on smiles! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Eleise, hope you had a great weekend as well

  3. I lack confidence in front of the camera, so I take photos of myself on purpose! Loads of selfies, and posing for my Aussie Curves posts have given me much more confidence. It's so important to get photos of yourself with the kids as well. Don't want them growing up not knowing what I looked like. lol

    1. I have actually been taking a lot more selfies as well, even before I discovered BTC but I never liked any of them enough to share. I think that is what feels the best about these is that I am so happy to share them.

  4. These are fantastic! Thank you so much for joining in. This is exactly what I was hoping for. And I love the shadow pics, you had me going for a sec..

    1. lol about the shadow pics, I am a bit of a fan of them actually. Thanks again for hosting I really enjoyed this post a lot, in fact I still do.


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