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Booking doctors appointments with ease and 1stAvailable

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Turns out this week I had to make not one but two doctors appointments, with another booked for the end of the month. Finding out early next week if there needs to be more before that.

I don't generally visit the doctor, mainly because we thankfully seem to only get mild cases of whatever virus happens to be floating around at that particular point in time. 

The other reasons are based around the fact that I believe if your body is given enough rest, fluids and nutrients it can for the most part heal itself. And when I say for the most I part I mean save for serious illnesses and diseases.

My first appointment was actually for Miss Six. She had asked me the night before if she wasn't well in the morning would I please take her to the doctor. I agreed. Partly because I just wanted her to go to sleep so would have agreed to just about anything and partly because perhaps she had asked a very valid question.

Maybe there was a chance that what she had wasn't just your usual virus and some nasty bacteria had found it's way into her system?

Thankfully I live in a place where a newish and very large bulk billing clinic has recently opened and within a few months expanded. It is seriously huge. I was able to get an appointment within 2 hours of my call. 

However if it was a 1stAvailable clinic I would have been able to have booked my appointment online the night before as Miss Six was going to bed. Because in reality I knew then what the morning would bring.

1stAvailable believes that we should be able to book our health care appointments online 24/7 and you know what I think they are right.

Imagine that, it's 3 am and your kiddo is evidently unwell. Sure you could traipse up to emergency but it is not really an emergency as such. You know that it could wait till morning. If of course you make sure you are on the phone at eight on the dot. There are after all only a few spare daily appointments each day.

What 1stAvailable offers is exactly that. Being able to book your healthcare appointments where and when you need them. Even if it is after hours. You can even check other providers nearby for possible appointments. Almost sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

And for some places that is the case. There are still many more health practitioners that need to come on board for the service to be offered nation wide. Only they won't come on board if they can't see the demand and that is where you (and I) come into.

1stAvailable is offering bloggers (such as myself and many others) the chance to win some pretty great prizes for sharing the 1stAvailable awesomeness with our readers. Though it is not only the bloggers who stand to win something awesome. 

Every one who registers with 1stAvailable before June 17 goes into the draw to win 12 months of free private health insurance. Told you it was awesome.

To be in the running for this great prize (and help me possibly win my own rather awesome prize) click through to 1stAvailable and register your details. Make sure you tell you friends and family so everyone is able to make use of this great service.

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  1. It's so very hard with kids, and knowing when and if you should go to the dr, the ER, or get medcall out to the house(do you have them in NT?). There was a time I ran to the Dr about anything and everything, I was so paranoid the next pain would be "C" or something worse. I think I've gotten better. 12 months free health insurance would be great, wouldn't it? xo

    1. Ah no we don't have medcall in the NT, sounds great! Just another awesome thing that doesn't make it up North, the list is almost endless

  2. Sounds like a great initiative!

  3. Nice idea! We are so lucky to have a home visiting bulk billed doctor service in our local area, they've saved us on numerous times with so many children after hours.
    The ER is less than a minute away but dragging a heap of children there late at night when it isn't necessary is never fun!
    Hope all settles fast at your place. xx

    1. Seriously??? A home visiting bulk billing doctor? That is just too much

  4. 1st Available are such a god send. Hope Miss Six is feeling better soon


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