Monday, September 26

Monday Mention - Modern Day Redneck

With so many wonderful blogs floating around in the blogosphere it is not always easy to decide who I will give my Monday Mention to.  Some of my all time favourite blogs can be found a little further down the page on the side bar and a few of these have also snuck in here for a bit of a mention.  I do plan on adding a few more buttons but as yet this little job is still hidden somewhere on the to do list.

This week I want to recommend something a little different from my usual mummy blogging reads.  This week I want you to spend some time with 

Now I love MDR not just because he happens to have a very similar template to APL (look for the little birds on the top right of screen) but because I just love the expressions he uses.  For example who knew that a nesting box could be as cute as a mouse?  Still makes me giggle.

Like many good bloggers MDR writes with a touching honesty and talks to the reader like a trusted friend.  Even though MDR is only a new find I feel like I have known him for ever as well.  Even though we are literally on the other side of the world from each other there is still much in common.  I find it very easy to relate to what is being said.

What I really love though is that he is a he.  Sometimes to me it feels as if blogging is full of mums trying to wade through life so reading this completely different point of view is more than appealing to me.

Anyway don't just take my word for it head on over and check it out for yourself.

Monday Mention is a wonderful link up hosted by Tammy over at

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(which is also a great read if you haven't been there before)  Head on over to find some more great reading and as always thanks for stopping by :)