Friday, September 2

Things I Know - TGIF!

Without a doubt the first thing that I know today is that I am super super glad that it is Friday.  You see today is not just any other ordinary Friday.  Today is Friday September 2nd, which means today is the day months weeks of hard work finally come to an end as finally the school will be celebrating Forty Fabulous Years of Putting the Child First.   Which actually is not completely true as Putting the Child First has only been the motto for ten years or so.  For the other thirty they were Aiming High.

I also know that in future I need to say NO.  No, I am not able to do nearly half of the things I think I may.  I mean I probably could if I really tried hard enough but I am not going to.  Well based on past experiences I am not going to.  I am coming to the realisation that if there is an easy way or a half assed way or any way that requires little to no effort, that is the way for me.  Unfortunately I have a terrible tendency to at some point in time forget all of this and then find myself inundated with things that need to be done.  What's more they probably needed to be done yesterday and will be lucky if they get done tomorrow.

As I sit here and type (at 1.40 in the morning) I know my stomach is doing somersaults and backflips as I wait to see if my digital presentation for the birthday assembly will firstly save on the required USB stick and secondly work when I need it to.

I know that come Saturday I am going to sleep.  And sleep.

I know that once the presentation is safely out the way I can go and get started on the slideshow that is also required.  I know that both of these could have been slightly ok a lot, better if I had of started them sooner.  Like about two months ago maybe.  Actually even two weeks ago would have been better than the night before.

Earlier today DD1 informed me with much excitement that she had a black hair growing under her arm.  I I know I love the fact that she is embracing her changing body with such positivity.  I also know that her changing body brings me as much concern as it does joy.  For as beautiful as it may be to watch your daughter slowly growing to be woman it also brings home the fact she is no longer a little baby.  I can't help but wonder what is next?

So far I know it is not looking good for transferring the movie I just spent all night making to USB and I have no DVD disks to use.  I know that now (1.57am) is probably not the time to call the principal to ask her if she knows if the whiteboard I will be using at assembly has QuickTime.  But oh how I wish I could call her.

I know I am glad that at least I could transfer some images to the USB so at least there will be something to look at.  

I know that just hearing the two o'clock bird sound off has made me super tired.  Four hours sleep is plenty isn't it?

What do you know?  Head over to the ever wonderful Shae and join on in.  What's that you don't know where to find Shae?  Easy she is over at

Oh wait I have one more I forgot.  The last thing I know for today is that I am not really sure about the whole new Blogger dashboard.  This really wasn't the week to go and change things on me as I just don't have the time (or even the inclination at the moment) to sit down and work it all out.  I know that there is still the option to go back to the old one but I don't see how that will possibly make me like the new one better so I will stick with it a little longer.  

Have you tried it?  Thoughts?

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  1. I didn't love the new dashboard either. I'm just barely getting used to this one...the last thing I need is something new.

  2. I know that I don't like it when Google and Facebook change things on me. Why fix what's not broke?!

  3. I know it sounds as though you have been working your guts out and I hope that everyone appreciates that.

    I know I hate it when things change too.

    I also loved and loathed the whole changing body experience. With alot more of it to come, I know I am tired and not really looking forward to doing it all again when Ivy and Noah are at that stage.

  4. I need to take on board some of your words and start to say ``no'' more often!! Not my strong point.
    And yes, hate when things get changed. WP's dashboard was just updated but not too significantly. Thank goodness!

  5. Oh no! I have my heart in my throat for you! I hope the presentation went better than expected! I know what all of that feels like, too, i have a big tendency to take on things that I then leave to the last. Inute and stay up half - or all the night - try to get ready in time! The new dashboard - it's too darn white, it feels, cold!

  6. Hope all goes well today & the USB works ;) x

  7. sending good wishes that it all goes well.

  8. Oh I hope that the presentation went well!

  9. Hope it all went well-sounds like you really worked hard on it.

  10. Thank you dropping by Modern Day Redneck and hitting the follow button and becoming part of the family. I did the same to yours and I will also link back from mine. If you need anything just give me a shout.
    Thanks again and I look forward in reading your blogs.


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