Saturday, September 24

Getting Creative (slowly of course)

I just need to write.  get words out.  I sit here for so many hours and what do I get?  Not much.  Not even a high score.  Can't say I'm a quitter, I still keep on trying.  Despite never even getting close to the others.  If only real life was as easy to show determination in.  No one ever knows how hard you really try.  I don't think I ever really try hard enough.  Trying hard takes a lot of effort.  Perhaps the rewards were never enough?  Tricky balance between intrinsic and extrinsic.

(one cheek, shallow, slow released breath)

(listening to)

Well it was,
                      now it is

All careful selected for my by my lovely iTunes player from the "Possibly writing music" folder

Last one (for now)