Monday, September 12

Oh!!! Tomorrow is Monday

I just had that startling revelation at twenty past nine on a Sunday night.  Since I have been joining up with Karlee over at The Mother Experiment, Monday's seem to come round quicker and quicker.  For first time readers Karlee has been hosting a Monday Me & YOU link up where we all concentrate on some kind of personal growth or improvement.

For me I thought that transforming myself into some form of domestic goddess who was able to successfully manage a load of washing every day as well as wash some dishes, put them away and a couple of other pretty simple tasks that many women manage without any dramas whatsoever.  The super funny thing about all of this was that I did truly expect to get everything under control in only one week.  Despite of course trying to do all of this for over a decade now.

So here I am some four, maybe even fix or six weeks later still no further advanced than the day I started. There have been glimpses of hope here and there, but that is all.  Nothing more substantial than hope though.  For a full recap of last week but in a nut shell I managed to get five out of six goals completed as well as a few more.  The domestic order is heading in the right direction but at the same time we have been pretty busy outside the house so there has been little opportunity for disarray to occur.  Of course this also means there is little opportunity to clean and tidy.  

Tomorrow is the clincher.  I must make up for the last week of doing nothing but getting ready for the school birthday.

Fast Forward a week and one day

Ok so tomorrow is no longer Monday.  Today is.  Only it is not the Monday that I spoke of earlier it is Monday a full week from when I started.  I really don't like deleting instead I like to rise to the challenge of turning something that could possibly really have stayed at nothing into, well, something else.

In terms of personal improvements I guess the best way to look at last week is as a week off.  After the week that was the week before I found myself some what drained and was in need of some time to replenish myself so last week was mainly about fun and doing only things I wanted  to do.  Which is really a nice way of saying I was a lazy so and so that did little to no housework.  Thankfully we were still out of the house a lot so for the most part the was little to do anyway.

Now I am not really sure how I came to this realisation but at some point in the last week it dawned on me that what I need is a schedule.  Which could be a little problematic as I like to think of myself as a bit of a free spirit....

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