Friday, September 16

Comment Luv

Given the dire state of affairs in the disaster zone known as my kitchen I decided that I would try and add a new commenting section to APL.  Rather than seek any advice and start confusing myself I plunged right in and just googled commentluv as I had noticed that on quite a few of the blogs I have been enjoying lately.  (If you are interested I give a Monday Mention to my weekly fav)

At a glance it all looked pretty simple so I gave it a go.  

And now I need to wait till I have something post about, which sorta brings us all to here :)

It is rather late and I am a little, actually a lot tired.  The conference went well.  Sort of.  I felt we should have got more out of it.  I am not sure that I will be able to take DD3 again.  She is nearly 18 months old. It is a lot to ask, especially after the late night last night.  The late night was worth it though.  DD1 sang beautifully in the choir.  The whole performance was rather enjoyable actually.  Wonderful to see so many talented children in the area.

Anyway back to my point about being tired.

Fingers crossed the new comment section is up and running.  I am not even going to check until morning so please feel free to try it out.  It is the first of a couple of little changes here and there that I have planned in coming days so stay tuned.  Until then sending out fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to one and all