Thursday, September 15

Thankful Thursday - Sight

Last week as I was going around my daily tasks my mind began to wander aimlessly through a range of random thoughts.  Though perhaps they weren't really all that random as most of them revolved around what my next blog posts would be like.  So there I was standing at the kitchen sink, gazing out the window into the back garden where the kidlets were playing.

There was lots of laughter and beautiful sister actions.  The bigger ones were looking out for the little ones and it was just one of those fabulous family moments that you wish you could bottle forever.  "Well these is easy" thought I.  There is my thankful post, I am thankful for my children and the laughter they bring.  I am thankful that for the most part they play just as sisters should.  I am thankful that they can play freely under the hose. 

Then I thought a bit more.  All of what I was thankful for went without saying.  Of course I was thankful for my beautiful girls and all they entail and bring to life.  Then it hit me.  As I stared out the window and saw, with my own eyes, I realised what it was I was truly thankful for.

My sight.

It was almost like an epiphany.  I was still thankful for all those other things but it is my ability to be able to see all of those things that I was truly thankful for.  Being able to see my biggest bend down to help up the smallest when they fell.  Being able to see the smiles on their faces as they ran around chasing each other.  

This got me to thinking just how precious sight is.  Not only that but just how much we, or at least I, take vision for granted.  I closed my eyes and wondered how I would be able to get through each day without the wondrous gift of sight.  Enclosed in my self created darkness I tried to continue doing the dishes.  As my hand reached for the next dish I suddenly froze.  Where did I leave the sharp knives?  Had I put them in the sink yet? Were they still on the side of the bench? Was this something that I sight impaired person worried about on a regular basis?  Come to think of it how did a sight impaired person even have to do dishes?

Opening my eyes I saw where the knife was and returned to counting my blessings for the fact I could see.  My appreciation and love of my eyes had just increased ten fold.  

Now I know that many people with vision difficulties are able to lead an almost normal life.  They are able to adapt and adjust, some because they have known no different and others because they had little choice.  Either way I know that I am oh so very thankful for the fact that I am blessed with 20/20 vision and I hope I never have to experience life without it. 

So what are you thankful for this Thursday?  Head on over to Kate Says Stuff and share your thanks.

On a side note it wouldn't be right if I didn't give some thanks out to my wonderful mum.  I have been a bit under the weather this week and my more than awesome mum made me some super yummy chicken soup and then an even yummier casserole meaning for two nights I didn't have to worry about feeding the troops.  Mums really are the best no matter what the age.


  1. Excellent excellent post. Something I totally take for granted too and shouldn't, thanks for the reminder.

    And thanks for linking up too!

  2. that is true. sometimes I wonder how I would live without my sight and I can't even bear the thought of not being able to see my lil girl grow up!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. This post made me smile! I am thankful to read someone thinking about this! i am legally blind. I have 15% sight in one eye, none in the other. I can tell you I still have to do the dishes; we just plan doing things differently (i've taught my husband and children to place all sharp knives on the sink behind the dish rack with the handle closest to the sink, so I always know where they are and don't cut myself accidentally). I am thankful my sight is static for the time being and I have been able to see (as I know it) my children grow and change. I try not to think about whenI will lose the rest of my sight, though it is inevitable, i hope I have at least another 10 years because my littlie is almost three now. I'm very thankful for my ability to hear!

  4. What a great post. It is weird that being the 6'4" 280lb Redneck that I am, I look forward to your post to help make my day.
    All my kids are almost grown now and I miss those moments of watching them running, laughing and playing. Now the only thing I watch is their tail lights as they drive away. All I can say is keep each memory of those times close and that is what I am thankful for this Thursday, my memory of how much fun I had when the kids were growing up.

  5. A beautiful post. It is something I do often take for granted, thank you for the reminder to be thankful for this xx

  6. What a wonderful reminder, thank you. Gosh, it's so easy to take these things for granted but I don't know what I'd do if I lost my sight. I guess the other senses would be heightened but not being able to experience the joy of children-watching doesn't bear thinking about.


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