Friday, September 9

Things I Know - Just Scraping By

So I guess the first thing I know this week is that it has been a whole week since I last blogged (and yep it was a TIK post).  Which quickly brings me to the next thing I know and that is I missed being here.

Before you get all excited and start wondering what exciting things I have been up to save your energy.  I know that I have not been up to anything really exciting.  Instead I have just been trying to stay afloat, possibly even get ahead. The floating part I guess I sort of managed, the getting ahead part...pfft...I didn't even get close.

Regular readers would know that over the past few weeks I have been trying to improve my levels of housework participation.  I know that this is much harder than I first anticipated and needs to be tackled in a whole new manner.  I also know I am still not exactly sure what this manner is.

One thing I do know though is that I am so so very glad that last week is over.  The school birthday was a huge success as was my digital presentation.  Part of the activities also included a whole school picnic at lunch time.  It was there that I heard a very excited little boy say to his friend "This is THE best day EVER!" I know that hearing that made everything in the last few months seem all worth while.

I know that trying to cram a blog post in before the school drop off is never a good idea but I also know that if I don't do it now chances are it won't happen.  How do I know this?  Well I put off my Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday posts till after the school drop off and they are still non existent.

Despite having thought about what this post would be like for nearly two days now it is nothing as I had imagined.  In my head I had found a very clever way to make this thankful as well as knowledgable so as to have a two for one kind of effect.  I know that this post is nothing like that.

So what is it that you know this week?

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  1. Oh, I am SO with you on the housework thing. I need to get a schedule in place (sticking to it might be a problem!) How dare it get in the way of blogging? ;-)

  2. I'm so glad the presentation went well, you seemed so worried that it wouldn't last week. Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. pffttt housework is such a pain.

  4. The housework will always be there, so just do the barest minimum that you can manage. Because this time that you have now will pass as quickly as a blink of the eye. This I know.

  5. i know how you feel and am thankful my hubs took the little one out for 6.5 hours today so I could blog write and read. I made sure the housework was done before they went, well, mostly done, so I could do the things I really wanted to do.

    You'll get there, we all will in the end.

    At least you made that little boys day :)

  6. Glad to hear you had a win with the presentation! That's fabulous news. And housework? Yup, just waiting for the cleaning fairy to arrive!

  7. when you figure out how to tackle that house work can you please share? failing miserably at the moment!

  8. LOL, I also try to get my post written before school drop off (though I often post them after I get back)... Yay for a successful school birthday! Nothing like some enthusiastic positive feedback!

  9. Hello :-)
    Iam exactly the same when it comes to housework...what housework :-) But Iam going to try and get into a routine which I hope will focus me.It's got to be a doable routine though or it will fail!
    Thanx so much for your comment on my button TIK ~ it was a big deal for me!

  10. Glad to hear your presentation went well!! I think when we start blogging, housework seems like such a intrusion on our blogging time! I hope you find a happy medium!

  11. In a way I am thankful my man has such high (military) standards and I don't ever let it get out of hand (when he's home, that is! When he's away it can quickly become a world of chaos! :) I mostly manage to stay on top of it but it requires work Every. Single. Day.

    I try to do at least half an hour after I get back from walking the girls to school - this always involves a breakfast dishes wash/tidy and scouting for clothes that need washing, and putting a load on. A quick make of their beds, retrieving wet towels to be hung up to dry, and generally spotting anything that is where it isn't meant to be - doing this half an hour daily generally saves the house from getting too trashed :)

    Then after school, regardless of the directional pull from the studio, we wash lunch boxes and do homework.. And always after dinner, we tidy the kitchen. Admittedly having a dishwasher takes 90% of the kitchen horror away! :)

    The washing? Love washing, hanging, un-hanging. but invariably, we fold and put away only once a week and it's a mad hunt by Friday for clean nickers and socks. My solution: go out and buy more :)

    Toys? Mine are bigger so usually can pack their own away, but when they were little - scoop it all up & dump in massive toy box after they are tucked in for the night, so YOU can enjoy the serenity of a tidy floor :)

    I have only recently learned that it really helps to break it all down to little jobs and not let it overwhelm me and let my anxiety get the better of me. You know... the reticulation that you put off fixing for months, but when you actually get around to doing it, it takes a mere 3 minutes ;) When I have a spare couple of minutes, I do a little job like put the dvd's away, pack away the dry dishes etc..

    I wholeheartedly recommend she's a bit full on with the emails, but she does get you moving and motivated :) It's been years (Lily was a bub!) since I subscribed, but every now and then I realise with horror that I have chaotic hot-spots and remember to do a 21 fling boogie :)

    God almighty. That's a blog post in itself. I wonder if it will let me post such a wordy comment? LOL

    See you tomorrow


  12. I hear you on the housework & time for blogging, so many posts I have planned never make it onto the interwebz!


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