Friday, August 16

Things I Know About Things I Know

 Today I though it would be a bit of fun to share all the things I know about the wonderful link up called Things I Know. Exciting huh?

Things I Know (TIK) was one of the first link ups that I ever joined in with. In fact my very first TIK post remains one of my most viewed posts ever. Which for a while made me cringe just a little because of it's simplicity. Now however I marvel at how little has changed in the past few years.

I know that under the tag TIK I have a total of 48 posts.

I know that I was a little surprised that there were only 48. I thought that I had been a more regular knower. Maybe I just haven't tagged them all?

I know that if I had more time and inclination I would trail through my 700+ posts and see just how many untagged TIK posts there were. Anyone with nothing better to do want to check it out for me?

I know that these are what have been deemed by my readers as my best read TIK Posts.

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Things I Know About Blogging
Things I Know About Love Your Sister Supporters
Things I Know About Blogging Awards, Me and Life Itself
Things I Know About Dentists
Things I Know - Nothing like leaving it till the last minute
More Things I Know About Running
Thirty Awesome Things I Know About Me

I know that I have really enjoyed scouring through my old posts. It is something that is on my to do list but rarely do I ever seem to have time to actually do it.

Not that I actually have time to do it now because the alarms telling me that school pick up is here are ringing all over the place. Yes I have alarms telling me when I need to go and get children because otherwise I know I will more than likely forget.

I know that I can totally understand why only 11 people have ever read this TIK post. I know that there are probably 50 other posts on the blog that are not dissimillar to it.

I know that I am now officially late so off I must go.
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