Friday, August 24

Thirty Awesome Things I Know About Me

What's a post about me without a photo of me?
During the week I came across this post by Dorothy over at Singular Insanity. From the moment I started reading I knew I was in. The word challenge had me from the get go. Despite recent challenges, like the Blogging Olympics, I am always ready to start again.

Finding thirty awesome things all about me is just my kind of challenge!
  1. Persistent Like when there is a block of chocolate around, I will keep nibbling away at it 
  2. Funny Just keep reading this list, no more need be said.
  3. Caring I am a mum it comes with the job.
  4. Kind hearted
  5. Thoughtful
  6. Helpful
  7. Hardworking
  8. Well meaning
  9. Willing to try
  10. Honest

    Hmmmm ok maybe this is a little tougher than I first expected....
  11. Loving
  12. Passionate (about somethings, chocolate, writing, dare I say it running, sleep oh yeah and the kids)
  13. A way with words.
  14. Compassion

  15. ...yay! Halfway mark. I wonder if I will get there. Actually as I type 15 is still blank. I told Mr AwesomeI was trying to come up with thirty awesome things about me and asked if he had any suggestions.

    His response. "You always do this to me, and the answers are always the same" He then kissed me goodnight and went to bed. I am not really sure what that all meant other than "I am super exhausted from my ridiculously long day at work to pay all the bills so you can sit at home all day looking after children and being a blogger. I don't need to tell you what is awesome about you." Which I guess is kind of understandable.

    Ohh that gives me another one
  16. Understanding
  17. Witty
  18. Not completely stupid, well I can read, write and count reasonably well so that has to mean I am not stupid. Of course I am not perfect either
  19. Comfortable with me
  20. Run 4km. I have propelled my body at various speeds further than this but I am not sure it could really be called running as such.

    Gosh that gets me two thirds of the way there...
  21. Chocolate brownie  and caramel slice extraordinare. You should see the way I can get through those things. Lucky for me? I am pretty good at making them as well.
  22. Well spoken
  23. Generous
  24. Positive
  25. Dreamer
  26. Hoper

  27. Gosh I can't believe I am up to 27 already!
  28. Thinker
  29. Patience (ok so this is at times very selective but I am incredibly patient when there is an understandable reason or cause)

    And the luck number 30 on the Thirty Awesome Things About Me list is... (drum roll)
  30. Resilient. I must be for every knock I get I just keep on coming back, often even stronger.
So there you have it. Thirty rather awesome things about me. So I guess that makes me rather awesome. Oh and if you missed 15 (which you did because I left it blank) that should have been can write well. And 27 is a wonderful mother.
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