Thursday, August 8

So much sadness

There's an opening line that is bound to get the readers in, in droves. Or not.

Sorry for the rather dreary title (that will quite possibly lead to an equally dreay post, too early to say though as we are only at the start) but it can not be helped. As much as I would like it to be all sunshines and rainbows sadly life just isn't like that sometimes.

The good news, well the good news for me at least, is that the sadness has not been experienced first hand. It has been felt from a distance as I watch grief and sorrow wash through, tearing families apart and leaving communities in tears.

On Monday a young girl tragically had her mother snatched away from her. And when I say young girl I mean a beautiful innocent five year old. And when I say snatched I mean a tragic and somewhat freak accident that saw a young woman (26) lose her life way to early.

Simone Montgomerie was leading the pack in race six at The Darwin Cup when the horse she was riding baulked and threw the talented jockey to the ground. Montgomerie had just been crowned Darwin Jockey of the Year. The first female to have the honour.

This days after the local newspaper's front page is splashed with a horrific single vechile car crash that killed a mother and two children. The father and a third child remained in hospital. Today's paper saying something about a last text. I couldn't bring myself to open the cover and read more about it.

That paper has seen enough of my tears these last few days. Hidden amongst the back pages where the death notices lay. A young boy this time lost far, far, far too soon. Perhaps the most tragic and sad of them all. My heart just breaks and my stomach churns when I think of it all.

My mind has been trying not to go into over drive. Wondering how his mother didn't just stop breathing herself when she found him? Wondering how long it had been since she last checked on him? And how many times she will beat herself up for not checking on him sooner...and...


It really does make my head start to hurt if I think about it for too long. Or at all. As soon as I start thinking about it, it leads to too long. Not that I mean or want to trivialise these terrible loss of lives, it's just if I don't keep my empathy in check I tend to forget that this is all the grief of others and not my own to own.

To all those who have lost a loved one recently, or even at all, my heart goes out to you, may fairy wishes and butterfly kisses surround you in your time of need

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