Friday, December 14

Things I Know About Blogging Awards, Me and Life Itself

Oh hai!
It is Friday, which means of course it is the day to flog the things you know so here I go!

Things I Know

I know that seeing this post gave me all kinds of tingles with a heap of warm and fuzzy thrown in. It also makes me want to break out into song every time I see the title... Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

Our knowing hostess with the mostest Miss Cinders, along with the ever so lovely Rita over at The Crafty Expat have kindly bestowed upon yours truly

I know this kind of bloggy love just leaves me tickled pink and I am ever so thankful for the honour.

I know there have been many a time when I have read other bloggers receiving and handing out the same or similar awards and my heart has dropped a little when the realisation my name is not on the list hits. Reading blog rolls a similar effect. 

I know that some days it is hard for life to not be a popularity contest.
What I don't know is why I have such an urge to be popular. I have never been a popular person, the in crowd has never once let me in and for the most part I have been fine about that. Why now do I crave the attention so?

I know that there are a heap of question about me that need answering (as per the award) so I should probably get on with that. Because I just know you are dying to find out more about me

  1. Favourite time of the year? Change of seasons. Up here we only really have two seasons, The Wet and The Dry. The lead up to both is very exciting but for greatly different reasons. I am not sure I could pick one of the other. They both seem to invigorate my soul equally.
  2. Favourite festive movie? Hmmmmm... movies and I are not really friends. I don't have any real favourite movies full stop, let alone a festive one. Does Love Actually count as a festive movie? Anything that has old Hugh in it has pretty much got my undivided attention.
  3. What is your passion? Writing. Oh and the girls.
  4. Favourite colour? There was a time when I was obsessed with yellow. I had a yellow couch, sheets, kettle, toaster, teapot.  I loved yellow. As did the someone special I was in love with at the time. When the love dried up I stopped having a favourite colour. Since then I have never been able to commit to a new favourite colour. I did however manage to find a new favourite love and someone special so that is all that really matters.
  5. Favourite time of the day? Writing time. Failing that bedtime, particularly if it involves children going straight to sleep.
  6. Favourite flower? Hmmmm... Am I the only one that doesn't really have a favourite flower? If someone is going to the trouble of giving me flowers I am not overly concerned what flower it is. Beggars can't be choosers and all that.
  7. Favourite non-alcoholic beverage? Totally the most boring answer in the world but by far the answer is water. When you are as constantly as hot and sweaty as you are when you live in the tropics, water really is your bestest of best friends. Or at least it is for me.
  8. Favourite physical activity? I have two. They both are three lettered words. One is run and the other, well you can work that out I reckon.
  9. Favourite vacation? Going to DPCON13 in March. Oh, hang on that one hasn't happened yet but I sure am looking forward to it. I guess my next pick is our road trip to Cairns
I know I am glad to be at the end of that list. Talking and thinking about me is not always top of my list of things to do you know.

I know that coming up with ten bloggers who haven't already received this lovely award is not exactly easy. That is of course not to say that I can't think of lots of inspiring and positive bloggers, because I can. It is just once again I am late to the party and everyone I know seems to have this little beauty already.

I know that all the bloggers I am about to mention are awesome. In fact they are more than awesome and I genuinely find them an inspirational. All for very different reasons.

I know that you should totally go and check out the following Sunshine Award recipients

I know that I have no expectation for any of them to write a post about this. In case you didn't know, Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is flatter than flat out. I just wanted to let you (and them) know how wonderful they are.

I know that I am super glad I can officially say that the school holidays have started. We are not going anywhere or doing anything unusually exciting, just hanging at home with those we love, in a totally relaxed and chilled out kind of way. Bliss I tell you.

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