Friday, November 23

Things I Know About Blogging

Earlier today I posted about being a blogging superstar. Or rather questioning what makes a blogging superstar. Even as I was writing it I wondered whether I should post it or not. Sitting here a few hours after it has been live and I am still wondering whether I should have posted it.

As I have been trawling through my old posts I came across this one It was written just over four years ago as I was attempting my first NaNoWriMo. The only year I have been able to actually reach the other wise illusive 50 000 word target.

Reading through it I was amazed at how so much of what I felt then I still feel now. This is both a good and bad thing. It is great that I realised back then that only I was holding myself back and I swore to let go and let myself be free. It would be even greater if right now I could say that had happened. It would also be great if I no longer felt misunderstood, but I guess that is really just a part of life and interacting with others.

Back today's post.

It had to be written. I know needed to get it out of me. They are thoughts that have been floating around for a while, blocking the exit and entry points for any and all new thoughts till they were dealt with. Only they were whingey whiney poor bugger me thoughts. And really who wants to be reading about that? I know I don't, well most of the time I don't.

Anyway it got me thinking what do I know about blogging?

I know that I love blogging. I love that it gives me an arena to write in, one that provides slightly more opportunity to actually be read than what my personal journal did.

I know that when I see posts not being read it is hard for it not to hurt my feelings. As much as I write to get it out of my head I write to be read as well.

I know that connecting with people is not easy. We are all so busy and there are so many things trying to connect with us it is easy to get lost amongst it all. I know I spend too much time feeling lost.

I know that blogging needs to be something I do for myself not to appease anyone else and it is. But I also know I need to know that someone, anyone is reading.

I know that it is not all doom and gloom.

I know that there is hope and that
Just between you and me I also know how much I love 
and being able to easily create semi groovy graphics. 
I am sure with some time and practice they will turn into very groovy graphics.

I know that compared to some other bloggers I have had some pretty cool things come my way. I know these may not be as cool as some other bloggers again but hey the grass always looks greener doesn't it?

I know that blogging is fickle and uncharted. There are no hard and fast rules, well apart from write and be active within the blogosphere.

I know that at the end of the day I am not about to stop blogging any time soon, readers or not. Eventually I figure write and they will read will apply to me.

And finally the last thing I know today is that I am ecstatic to see that the lovely Miss Cinders is now the host of one of my most favourite linkies ever!

Things I Know