Sunday, August 25

Monday Mention - Bunnings Supporting Community Gardens

The importance of a good community can never be under estimated. In fact a good supportive community is the cornerstone of society. It provides the foundation for us to grow and prosper and gives an opportunity for us to give back to it if we so desire.

As much as I am a hermit type recluse, I also value and understand the importance of a good strong community. In fact as much as I can, I actively participate in a whole range of community minded events, both in the real world and online.

Something I have been thinking about lately is trying to get my online communities and my real life communities a little more intwined. You see if this were the case I may just be able to secure enough sponsorship to cover my accommodation and flights to attend the ProBlogger event next month. Oh my that would be just beyond lovely. (Hint, hint big company who wants to help out little old me, or small one if you have some spare cash to share) 

But I digress, because last week the opportunity did arise for me to intertwine some real life and online life stuff. These beautiful ladies came to Zany's school.

Tracey and Tammy from the local Bunnings with some of the wonderful donations
they brought for the school's garden

One of the garden mums who has helped
create a wonderful community garden at our
local primary school.
An inspirational and amazing woman.

 Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the lovely lady you see on the left there, plus few others who were a little more camera shy, the school has been incredibly fortunate in having a very special community garden created for the students. One that while has taken time has also grown at great speeds thanks to the generosity of the donations from Bunnings.

In fact thanks to Tammy and the crew at Bunnings many aspects of the garden have been able to happen a lot quicker than were first anticipated.

The planting day last week saw a fantastic range of fruiting trees go into the ground. Including cumquat, advocado, billy goat plum, black sapote and a pomegrante. Not to mention some tomato plants and pumpkin seedlings for the vegetable beds.

It was also a great opportuntiy for the students to get out in the garden and participate in the growing of sustainable plants. Some of the younger students will actually be able to pick fruit of some of the quicker growing trees. Which is a pretty exciting thought. Especially for the little brothers and sisters (like Teapot) that were tagging along.  All of this years students will get to sample some of the pumpkins and tomatos that will hopefully grow from the seedlings. 

Just think in years to come these little hands will be picking fruit from these trees.
Of course Bunnings is but one of the many wonderful supporters of the garden. The local Hireworks donated a hole digger for the weekend to make the actual planting a lot easier for the kids. Which actually meant it was a lot easier for the dear dad's that were roped into hole digging.

The most wonderful thing about community though, and I think this is the part that I love most, every little bit helps. All it takes is a little bit from everyone and before you know it the job is done and wonderful things have been created.

What is your favourite part of a community?

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  1. I totally agree that a supportive community is the cornerstone of society. I also love the idea of a community garden in a school. That photo of all the kids patting down the earth is so precious. Wish I could help get you to the problogger event ... hopefully someone else will be able to though. Good luck!

    1. Yes fingers and toes crossed a little fairy will send an airline ticket my way, either that or sprinkle me with some fairy dust and I can fly myself there! I thought that photo was a bit special as well

  2. I agree too and especially for children. I am a part of the Rotary community and it is so satisfying to know that we are helping those in need.

    1. Yes there is something lovely about helping those in need isn't there

  3. Fantastic that your kids experience a community garden, they are so great in so many ways.

    Being neighbourly is probably my favourite part of a community - passing the time of day, a smile, a wave, generosity of spirit, knowing I could reach out to my neighbours if I needed to. Very special.

    1. There is something just gorgeous about a community garden isn't there? I love the way it brings people together. How lovely to hear you feel so comfortable with your neighbours

  4. So awesome this has been done for the kids, I really hope they get a lot out of it. Good on Bunnings for coming to the party. I can well imagine those involved have loved contributing and meeting new people :)

  5. Bunnings is great for getting involved in the community. I bought a few odds and ends for my garden there on the weekend and lo and behold, managed to spend $80 - oops!

  6. The kids love getting back to nature, and also love a trip to Bunnings! Good to see everyone had a great time. Cheers, Alison


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