Tuesday, August 6

Forgive me readers for I have not blogged

It feels like forever since I sat down and tried to put words into sentences. The reality is that it was only last week, Friday in fact, when I shared the wonders and joy of a new budgeting and money planning website called mypropensity. I guess a lot has happened between now and then.

And by that I mean a lot has happened in the world at large but not a great deal in my little neck of the woods.

The ever wonderful Mr Awesome was struck down with man flu last week. Thankfully he was only out of action for a two days. He would have liked to have stretched it out to three but the guy who gives him his pay cheque each week insisted that he return to work on Friday. Which Mr A dutifully did regardless of how he was actually feeling.

However during his time at home Mr A ensured that he shared his germs with Teapot and myself. And when I say shared I mean he gave us worse germs than the ones he had. Either that or our immune systems are not as tough as his because Teapot and I were both hit for six with these little beauties.

But enough of my moaning and back to some of the other things that were happening in the world while I was trying not to give into the deep dark chasm that is man flu. 

The upside to being unwell was that I slept a lot during the day which meant I was awake a lot during the middle of the night. Normally not exactly what one is hoping for, apart from when The Ashes are being played in England.

After the disappointment that was the first test I didn't bother too much with choosing cricket over sleep. Sleep won easily, much to my dismay because I was all geared up for some quality cricket. With the result of the series hanging on the outcome of this game, I couldn't help but hope the cricket fairies would be on the Aussies side this game.

Back when our Ashes hopes were alive and well
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As it turned out the first few days of play appeared as if the cricket powers that be were actually listening to the desperate pleas of our cricketing nation. Either that or the prospect of going down in the history books as one of the crappest teams ever finally sunk in to the boys. There was a glimmer of hope after all.

Well there was until the weather powers that be came along and stuffed it all up.

Despite finally remembering how the game of cricket is played Australia failed to secure holding onto the hope of bringing The Ashes home. Thanks to the gloriously awful English weather the game was abandoned and declared a draw. Which for those uninitiated into the joys of cricket ultimately means England retains the highly sought after urn.

(Insert copious amounts of swearing, toe kicking and pommy slagging here)


Did you lose sleep over The Ashes?

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I like to Blog on Tuesdays, do you?


  1. aaaah our cricketers...get well soon.

  2. I didn't lose sleep over the Ashes but I am as mad as anything that we couldn't manage to win the game (even though I understand the weather was at fault !!) Although I don't think the umpires helped us either !!!!!
    It's a sad day for any cricket enthusiasts - myself included :(
    Hope you and Teapot feel better soon !

  3. There are some things I can't do, cricket is one of them. Hope you and Mr Awesome are feeling better x

  4. Funny! I am currently suffering a bout of the good old flu myself, with Pumpkin not far behind me. No sooner does one of us drift off, than the other one coughs and wakes us both up - bearing in mind that when she is sick the only way she will sleep at all is if she's lying on my FACE. I guess I should be thankful that viruses are the only things we share... just wait til the nits appear!!

  5. I did notice you were away, esp at I Must Confess time, but I just knew you had a good reason! Go the cuppas :)

  6. I generally crash too heavily to lose sleep over anything these days! But I'm glad you had cricket to keep you company in your Night Owl hours. It's really tough to make an effort on the blog sometimes if you're feeling too blah to get inspired. Welcome back!

  7. I did not lose sleep over the ashes because I find cricket far too boring to watch. Sorry.
    Hoping you're all feeling better now xx

  8. Yep, not a cricket fan either - sorry! Hope the bugs are on their way out - poor you!

  9. I didn't lose sleep over the ashes, but was very annoyed at how they played like it was a one dayer. Not cool. My hubby, who played county cricket in pommy land, was overly interested and resulted on many convos, after the time of sleep time that was acceptable by me, however i was almost equally as interested! I think the aussie selector team has a lot to be considered in future 'test' teams. I love cricket and look forward to many balmy aussie nights, sipping alcoholic beverages, criticising our aussie team, good or bad ;)

  10. Hahaha as you know, I'm with Josefa on this one. I tried, I really did try to see what it is about cricket... but either I just dislike it greatly, or I'm missing something really important that I should see to make me like it!

    How you're all feeling heaps better by now! I think we're all coming down with something here atm... as per usual about 3 different lurgies at once *sigh*

    MC x
    #teamIBOT - Sorry I'm late!!!


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