Friday, August 23

A raining linky ramble

I have just spent the better part of the morning travelling around the blogosphere catching up on my blog commenting. Even though I said a few months ago I would be trying to cut down on my linking up to it really only lasted a week or two. I just couldn't seem to help myself.

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As much as I wanted to see just how many people would stop by if I didn't go linking up all over the place, the practice just seemed to be a little harder than expected. What can I say it is just who I am.

Someone once asked me why I always attend whatever community event is happening at the school. I replied with "well if the school can go to the trouble of putting an event on the least I can do is attend." It is pretty much the same with the linky parties.

You see I figure if a blog I like goes to the trouble of hosting a linky it is the least I can do join in. Especially if I have noticed previously that not many people tend to. Yes folks I am still scared from my linking hosting experiences over at Making Time To Make It Matter. I had thought that with time I might have recovered more but apparently not yet. Sigh.

Aside from that I just love all the comment love that a good linky can bring.

Anyways I don't really want to write about all the linkies that I may or may not join in with because quite frankly that sounds a bit boring. What I do want to do though is just to write.

The kids are playing quitely, most of the housework is under control, well I have done the job here and there, everything is lining up perfectly for me to write. Except for the fact that my little brain is not really ready to come to the party. Apparently it is all blank and what have you.

Always the way though isn't it.

Just like it was the way last night when we went here, and it rained. An outdoor cinema where the seats are deck chairs. It is all kinds of awesome and on Thursdays they open the venue up to local community groups to fundraise. Last night Lovely's old basketball club was hosting the evening. They were screening Dispicible Me 3. Which most of the family had not seen yet.

At $30 for a family ticket we couldn't not go.

Even though the weather man has being saying all week that it would rain on Thursday I didn't believe him. After all the median rainfall for August is 0.0mm. It has not rained for months here. Which is nothing unusal given it is the dry season and all. Even if it is nearly the end of said dry season it still technically is the dry season. As such I expect to go out of an evening and not come home soaking wet.

As you can well imagine there is very little shelter at an outdoor cinema. Some people had the sense to take cover at the very first sign of a rain drop. Not I though. No. I sat there with a little mantra of please don't really rain going round and round my pretty little head. Tightly holding onto Teapot who was sitting on my lap who may or may not have been a somewhat of a shield from the rain.

Before you run off and report me for worst mother of the year, she was wrapped up in a few jumpers so not get *too* wet and I knew she had a dry change of clothes in the car. All good tropical mothers have changes of clothes in the car when the wet season is around. This was just a timely reminded that I need to make sure there are clothes for everyone.

Once it was evident that the rain was not going to dissipate my mantra changed to "A true territorian can sit out a bit of rain" I really wanted to keep watching the movie sitting down and the dry shelter was standing room only. Thankfully there is something quite lovely about the first tropical rains. There is a certain warmth to them that stops you from completely freezing like you would elsewhere.

But enough of the tropical rains because now that I have no more evening plans for the next few weeks I am sure that it will remain as dry as the bone it was supposed to. Always the way.

Are you patiently waiting for the weather to change?
Do you like linkies?

Joining in with Maxabella because I just couldn't resisit
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  1. I don't join up with too many linkies as I just like to be fairly regular and loyal to the ones I do commit to. I don't want them to become a burden to my blogging!

  2. Bugga about the rain!!! WHY Universe?!!

    I love linkies, but I don't join in as much as I'd like to.

    MC x

  3. HI Rhianna, I am relatively new to the blog world and so I have only joined up to Maxabella's friday link. I get what you mean about the comment s though, I'm hoping that just takes time?!?!
    Have a lovely weekend, hopefully sunny x

  4. I love a linky here or there. There is nothing better than coming across a blog that I perhaps might not have without the linky! As for rain, you can have some of ours from down here in Victoria!

  5. I love the linkies but I decided to stop joining for the moment. I don't say I will not get back to it. It's just that they are very much time consuming. I am still reading and commenting on blogs I love through Bloglovin.

  6. I love the rain. But not when I have to go out in it! I am trying to balance between blog reading, blog commenting, linking up and still having time to write (and a life). But I'm like you - somehow, even though I've said I'll stop, I just keep linking and linking and linking...

  7. I grew up in Brunei and we just LOVED the start of the rainy season. you're right, those tropical rains are like a massage on your skin mixed with a warm shower - at least, as long as you're not out in them TOO often!


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