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Monday Mention - America For Alyssa

At some point in my blogging journey I recall that of a Monday I would join in a little thing called Monday Mention. It was hosted by Tammy over at Ramblings Of A Brokenhearted Mummy and as a relative newbie blogger at the time I thought it was a great way to not only share some blogging love but also discover new blogs that I could dream to aspire to.

The idea of Monday Mention was to share some bloggy love and mention any blogs or blog posts that had caught your eye the previous week. Sadly though it was not exactly a well attended linky and before long I drfited on to other things.

Today I thought that I might resurect the good old Monday Mention but with a slight twist. To start with it won't be a linky, it will just be me mentioning whatever it is that has tickled my fancy. It may also not be the most regular of things, just as the mood strikes or whenever I come across something I just can't help but mention.

So what is it this week that I just have to mention and share with you all?

America For Alyssa
I first came across Alyssa's story thanks to Carmen a few weeks ago. I instantly liked the America For Alyssa Facebook page and offered to spread the word as far as I could. Which essentially meant I planned on writing a blog post because that is the furtherest way to spread my word. (Though if I continue to use words like furtherest in that sense I may cease to spread at all).

Anyways I imagine at this point you haven't clicked through the links yet and are wondering who is Alyssa and what has America got to do for her.

Well Alyssa is a surving craniopagus cojoined twin. She and her sister Bethany were born 2001. Which just so happens to be the same year that Lovely was born in case you were wondering, though you probably weren't. The reason why I bring it up is because Alyssa and Bethany were actually born within a month of Lovely. For the life of me though I can not remember hearing anything about it.

Nor can I recall  hearing of their emergency surgery a month later. Sadly Bethany lost her fight for life soon after this and Alyssa endured twenty three and half hours of surgery including not one but two cardiac arrests. Again I was in such a new baby bubble I was oblivious to it all. So much so that I missed not one but two reports shown on Sixty Minutes in the months after the twins birth.

In case you are interested the stories can be found here to save you the search

The Nolan Twins
The Nolan Twins Part Two

Having just watched them both now though, I can understand why as a new mum I may have blocked it all out. She says as she wipes the tears away.

One thing that I couldn't help but notice, both in the interviews and through the Facebook page is the courage and determination that Mary, Alyssa's mum, faces all that is before her with. As well as Bethany and Alyssa, Mary also has three wonderful sons.

Next year will see the first ever meeting of Families of Conjoined Twins held in Kansaa USA. One can only image what it would be like for Mary and Alyssa to catch up with people in a similar boat to theirs. Hence America For Alyssa.

Getting to America is not going to be an easy process. The funds needed are in order of $20, 000. Which for anyone is fair wad of cash. Mary and Alyssa are not asking for individual handouts because Mary knows how everyone is facing their own financial hardships. What they would really love though is as many Facebook likes on their page as possible. Something we can all easily help out with!

The more Facebook likers the more likely a large scale sponsor. So what are you waiting for go and get liking the America for Alyssa page.

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  1. I loved that study over at Carmens blog too, but I don't remember it all either sadly.
    Will definitely pop on over and like it now

    1. So glad that it was not just myself that couldn't remember it.

  2. I never heard of Alyssa story and thanks Rhianna for sharing it. I also love your idea of Monday mention.

  3. I saw Carmen's post, though I knew the story of Alyssa because her mum is a friend of a friend (in a different state).
    I agree the more people who spread the world the better her chances.
    I liked them already.


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