Friday, April 19

Things I Know About Love Your Sister Supporters

Right now the first thing I know this week is that my head is currently bursting with things I want to write about.

From the moment that I received the email saying I would have the opportunity to talk to Samuel Johnson when he came to town I just knew great things were in store for me.

Now I know this to be be true!

I know this photo really made my day.
Well actually my day was already pretty awesome already by this stage, this was just the icing on the cake
I know that the fact the Love Your Sister campaign has such great supporters and sponsors makes all the difference. This means that ALL funds raised go directly to breast cancer research. 

I know that the Bendigo Bank are just one of many businesses lending a helping hand.

I know I was going to list them all but there were a few to many and this page already has it covered

I know I mention Bendigo Bank over the others because today local workers were hard at work cooking snags and raising funds. They also held a raffle, with the prize being to swim with Sam and Chopper the Croc

centre photo: Bendigo Bank mascot with Mick, winner of the swim with Sam and a Croc raffle.
I know that the event put on today in the mall was all kinds of exciting. There were live animals, whip crackers, great dancers and of course crazy unicyclists.
From top left: Mick from Mick's Whips shows Sam how to crack a whip, One Mob Dancers, Sarah and a big snake
From bottom left: Sam rides a very big uni, Joseph (15yrs) does so to, Sam rides a not so big uni and cracks a whip
I know that I was a bit proud of myself having the balls to go up and introduce myself to the Lord Mayor who was there to welcome Sam to town. She had just retweeted me though so I thought it was only appropriate. (Hi Katrina if you're reading)

I know that it is frightening to think that one in four women diaganosed with breast cancer are under the age of 50. While the average age of those being diagnosed is 68 breast cancer is not something that only old women get. In fact 1% of cases are male.

For more breast cancer information check out this info sheet from Garvan.

I know the sooner we can find a cure for breast cancer the better.

I know that earlier in the week I promised more on what it was like when Sam went swimming with Chopper the crocodile. Rest assured I have not forgotten, there just turned out to be so much that I wanted to share, I have had to change my original plan a little. (yes those that know me well, I did really have a plan and as always nothing went to it :)

I know that if you pop back on Tuesday I will share more of the swimming with the crocodile antics. 

For now though, have you met Chopper the Croc?

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