Friday, March 8

Happy Birthday Jess!!

Now I don't know if you have heard or not...

...but the ever awesome Jess, creator & head honcho over at Essentially Jess is having a birthday, today.

Without at doubt Jess is one of my most favourite bloggers. She is open, honest and totally caring about everyone else much more than herself. Which made me think I wanted to do something a little bit special for this auspicious occasion. 

After all a mum only turns thirty once. Or as Jess likes to put it awesomeness, since that is what she was counting down to.

Naturally my first thought was a rather awesome blog post about how awesome it is to be thirty and how awesome Jess is, but we all already know what a super star she is.

So I put my thinking cap back on.

And then it hit me.

A vlog.

Ah huh. You heard. A vlog by yours truly.

Buckle in and hold on as I present me, presenting a birthday wish to a very lovely lady.

Ok so not surprisingly but that didn't go quite as plan, but go it did so go me I guess? The poor sound quality and shaky hand can be put down to first time nerves I think. That and the fact it was rather late when I got around to filming.

There were so many things in there that I forgot to say. I wanted to give thanks to Ness because it was her favouriting of my tweets that gave me the intestinal fortitude that I needed to go ahead with all of this. I also can't believe that totally forgot to send some birthday fairy wishes and butterfly kisses over to Jess. I tell ya the excitement of it all just blew me away.

You should totally head over to the Essentially Jess Facebook page and leave your own special birthday message for the birthday girl. I am sure it will totally make her day.

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