Tuesday, January 31

Not Another One of Those Days

I hate grumbling.  No really I do.  It is something that I try very hard not to do.  After all grumbling doesn't change anything.  Sure it might make you feel a little better but whatever you were grumbling about is still there.  Plus I know that in the scheme of things whatever it is that I am grumbling about is relatively insignificant.

There are people the world over that have something real to grumble about.  People who have lost loved ones.  People who have had dreams shatter before their very eyes.  People who have suffered unjustly through no fault of their own.  These are the people that should be grumbling.

Only they don't.  Possibly because they are too busy trying to actually deal with whatever it is I think they are justified to grumble about.

Most days I don't have any troubles not grumbling.  Today is not one of those days.
Apologies for my moaning but you don't have to read if you don't want to.  Not that I want you not to read but I will understand if you too have had a crap day and are not really interested in reading about someone else's crap day.
  1. Waking up at stupid o'clock (which actually happens to be the time I wake up every morning) with the anticipation of linking up an awesome post that I had scheduled the night before when I put the finishing touches on it.  This is a post I had been working on for days.
  2. Discovering that above mentioned post has mysteriously disappeared and instead a blank post was published
  3. Realising that multiple copies of posts may not actually be a bad idea.  This was the second post in as many days to just vanish into thin air.
  4. Having a terrible first coffee of the morning, with no one to blame but myself
  5. As proud as I am of the two big girls so confidently taking the return to school in their stride I wouldn't have minded if I was needed to stay in class just a little longer. (Yes I know this is really not a justifiable grumble but it would have made missing them easier if I knew they were missing hanging with me)
  6. Having to park miles away from the school because we got there a little later than I would have preferred.
  7. After stopping the little one from falling asleep in the car so I could stop in at the shops, I took the long way home to help her nod off only to be caught in a very heavy downpour that had me pull over due to visibility issues.
  8. Finally getting home but still having to get shopping and sleeping child from car to house in the rain
  9. Not being able to get an IBOT post out till much, much later than I wanted.
  10. Well meaning but slightly annoying neighbours coming over to say that they believe the body corporate manager is probably screwing us over (duh) not that it bothers them much as they just sold their for a ridiculously high price.
Gosh that really does feel a little better.  I can't leave it all Negative Nancy like though.
So here are ten things that were great about my day.  Well maybe not great but certainly not worthy of a grumble.
  1. Getting up nice and early gave me plenty of time to prepare lovely lunches for the girls without being rushed.
  2. Having two girls very excited and keen to get ready for their first day at school.
  3. Having two girls that so readily embraced their new chores and got them done before school.
  4. The rain, which has pretty much been constant for days now, holding off long enough for me to take a few first day of school photos.
  5. The above mentioned rain that also stayed away while we were making our mammoth trek from the car to school.
  6. The lovely teachers that both the girls have.
  7. The way the little one had such a super long sleep, much longer than I expected.
  8. Getting tea as well as afternoon snacks sorted at lunchtime.
  9. The fact that the well meaning but slightly annoying neighbours didn't stay nearly as long as what they have done in the past.
  10. Getting this post out.
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