Thursday, September 11

At it again. Grumbling that is.

This poor post has sat blank all day waiting for me to find the right words to fill it with. Even now I am not sure of what they are.

Essentially I am fighting the urge to complain.


It almost feels like every time I come here lately it is to complain in some shape or form. I never like to think of myself as a complainer. In fact the complete opposite. I generally like to take pride in my ability to find the silver lining, even on the darkest of cloudy days.

I crazily expected #ouradventureofalifetime to be nothing but rainbows and sunshine.

As if the moment we drove out of town we magically metamorphosed into a travelling kind of Brady bunch if you will. And while there is certainly no denying that there have been some incredibly spectacular moments where things have exceeded my expectations, there have also been a few quite surprising crapola moments as well.

We are currently back in Broome for a few days after having spent a wonderful week out of range on the Dampier Peninsular. It feels somewhat strange being around people again. A week of not interacting with anyone outside your immediate family will do that to you I guess.

The difference in the girls being around people is what gets me the most.

When there is not another soul to be seen or distraction to be had they are as nice as pie to one another. Sure there is the odd squabble here and there but on the whole they are full of understanding and patience for each other.

Introduce some people and electricity and suddenly it is like they are vying for the title of Queen of Bickering and Nastiness.

It seriously does my head in and makes me want to scream obscenities. Clearly mother of the year I am not.

As if that is not bad enough Mr Awesome has even less patience than I do for such behaviour and is constantly grumping and growling as well.

Sigh, sigh, sigh and double sigh.

I promise though when next we meet I will have a much happier tale to tell

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