Tuesday, June 25

I must confess and blog on Tuesday all at once.

My Home TruthsIt feels like forever and and a day since I last joined in with Kirsty and the gang for a bit of confessing.

Sadly my days were beginning to overflow with commitments and activities that left me with little time to no time to idly sit around on the computer commenting on blog posts. Regardless of how much I may actually have wanted to have sat around idly all day reading and commenting on blogs.

While I was able to squeeze in enough time to post it didn't seem right to keep on linking when I knew I had no intention of returning some comment love. Apart from IBOT and TIK I have barely linked up for anything else of late.

With today (which is actually now yesterday because it turns out I was more time poor than I realised and this post took forever to write) marking the first official day of the four week break I am confident in in my comment ability. (That and the fact that it is now Tuesday and I always make time to blog and comment on Tuesdays) There is nothing grander than being on school holidays I tell you.

So in the interests of killing two birds with one stone (so to speak of course) and in honour of the true linky whore I once was, I am going to confess while I blog on a Tuesday.

This week's confession prompt was about bad habits. Of which of course I have many. And seriously who doesn't? Which made me think that listing mine could possibly be rather boring. And by boring I could very well mean depressing.

Given that no one needs depressing I decided that perhaps it was best if didn't share my bad habits and instead confessed to a little secret about my toilet.

Certainly not my bathroom. Or anyone else's that I know for that matter.
Photo thanks to Arjun Kartha
Recently a friend had her third baby, which was born via cesarian. This rendered her unable to mop floors, clean toilets and a few other things. When she came to me and said "Rhianna I know you don't like cleaning but if I pay you will you help me out for a few weeks?" it was kinda hard to say no, even without the payment offer. Especially when she got to the part that mentioned baby cuddles.

It was during the first week as I was squirting some smelly yellow chemical around the inside of her toilet bowl, that I realised I wasn't actually sure  when I last cleaned my own toilets (yes that s is meant to be on the end, The Shoebox amazingly has two loos despite it's small size). After a bit of thought though I remembered when the last toilet cleaning I did took place.

It was the morning of Mr Awesome's work Christmas party. Last year in November. I wanted to make sure that if by some crazy chance either Mr A or myself felt the need to relieve ourselves of the inner linings of our stomach due to excessive alcohol we would be greeted with lemon freshness.

As it turns out my efforts were in vain. (In case you were wondering and I am sure you are) While we had an entire 24 hours child free were remained somewhat responsible and refrained from drinking ourselves into a complete oblivion.

Now it is at this point I must point out a couple of things.

The first of which is that I don't really have a drinking problem, regardless of what impression a few of my comments my give. The second is that just because I haven't cleaned my toilet since November, doesn't mean it hasn't been cleaned since November.

There is a very valid reason why Mr Awesome is fondly known as Mr Awesome.

Toilet cleaning duties pretty much fall in his court. Along with rubbish removal, lawn cutting, floor washing and every now and then, the cleaning of the kitchen.

Told you he was awesome.

I know at this point you are probably wondering what it is that I actually do do around this place. Well, I tend to all food preparation, as well as source and planning of all meals for at least six of the seven days in the week. I also do homework and reader duties, most of the child entertaining and managing and all of the washing pretty much all of the time. And if that isn't enough I do vacuum and sweep on a fairly regular basis.

Which to me all sounds pretty fair. I know that he goes out and works but the whole kid thing is hard going. I am honestly not sure my sanity would stand kid wrangling and a paid position elsewhere. At least not at the moment anyway. Plus when would I blog?

For quite some time I have championed against the division of labour within the household. I had this article published way back in 2008 The funniest thing about this whole toilet revelation though is that I can't ever remember a conversation that went, well "I'll cook dinner and wash the clothes if you clean the toilet and take out the trash"

Mind you as much as I am all for men doing housework, given that we do actually have two toilets, I have started to be slightly more proactive in pulling my weight in this department.

Who cleans your loo?

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