Monday, July 8

I must confess I love your blog

Alternatively known as, I must confess to being super duper excited to be this week's host of

My Home Truths

Normally hosted on a Monday by the lovely Kirsty over at My Home Truths today she has taken time off to go galavanting around the country side. While there may or may not be quality internet in the country side Kirsty would much rather be living it up with her precious family during the school holidays. And who can really blame her for that?

So while she is sitting by the indoor heated pool or watching the kids on the bouncing pillow I am here to host this week's confession. As I mentioned last week the topic for this week was to confess to the blogs that you love.

Which just between you and me turned out to be no easy feat! In fact I must confess that I did at one point wish that I had of chosen something else for us all to confess to.

There are just so many wonderful blogs out there how could I possible choose which ones to talk about in one post! 

As it turns out, I must confess that I can't choose or limit which blogs I want to talk about as loving the most. It is like telling my children which one of them is my favourite. They are all my favourite!

So instead I am going to confess to all the ways I keep track and share the blogs that I love.

For almost as long as I have been blogging, I have been sharing with my readers, in one way or another some of the blogs I love to read.

Currently, one of the ways that I do that is with this image in my side bar.

It was super easy to set up and is a great way of keeping my must reads in one place. Should I ever be sitting around idly with lots of spare blog reading time on my hands. 

The reality is more like, given all the things I like to do while I am on the computer or my phone, I rarely get time to Pin and don't think to update it regularly. Actually, I also refuse to give into yet another distraction that I think Pinterest is, but that is a whole other post. 

Another way I currently keep track of must read blogs is with my bloggy button box. Again in the side bar but this time right down the very bottom. It is a collection of buttons from blogs that I have passed through in my travels.

Have a laugh on me
A Study in ContradictionsMy Little Drummer BoysCircle of Toast

Kate Says StuffYou learn something new every dayCrash Test Mummy

It is still only a new addition and therefore a work in progress. But I must say, I am a bit of a fan of my efforts.

It is all thanks to Emily over at Have a laugh on me. She recently asked me for some links to some posts I did a while back on making blog buttons and social media buttons. She wanted to give it a go (and what a fine go she gave it) Anyways it got me thinking how you see so many people with grab my button but rarely do you see grabbed buttons.

Well I just changed all of that. There are still more buttons from blogs I love that I need to include like this one (who in 2016, when I am editing broken links, has changed her blog name from what it was in 2013 and no longer has a blog button because her site is now super professional as she is a fully fledged writer with books and everything) If you have kids and are in Sydney make sure you check out Hello Sydney Kids for heaps of fun places to go and things to do.

Anyway regardless of what she is up to in 2016 in 2013 Seana just happened to be someone else who let me know my button post helped them. You can not imagine the goosebumples this kind of stuff gives me. But enough of all the blogs I love and the different ways I share that love.

I wonder if any of my readers are old enough to remember when I did Monday Mentions... Though when I say I did I mean I joined in with someone else hosting... Like Mum Talks Autism and her meme I love your blog

But enough from me, I want to get reading on all the blogs you love.

Joining in is super easy, all you need to do is put your post link the the linky tool below and then head around to have a read of all those who have done the same.

If you want to be super tricky you can also add a lovely little button to your post. The code is

<div style="text-align: center;">
<a href="" title="My Home Truths"><img alt="My Home Truths" src="" style="border: none;" width="120" /></a></div>

Next week the link up will be back with Kirsty at My Home Truths. Thank you so much to all those who have joined in and shared some bloggy love. Thanks also to Kirsty for entrusting me with I must confess while she enjoys a much deserved holiday.

Kirsty did say I could also choose the prompt for next week. Sadly I so far haven't been able to come up with one. Any suggestions?

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