Friday, April 26

Things I know about teeth, drain pipes, and just trying to get by

The first thing I know this week is that this week has not been as big as what last week was. Thank goodness.

After all the fun and excitement of hanging with Samuel Johnson and then the big '12' birthday party, I entered this week somewhat drained, emotionally and physically. There was no way that I could have handled another big week. In fact I barely managed to handle each day as it was.

I know that had it not been for the public holiday yesterday I may not have made it through to today.

I know that Friday's after a public holiday should actually be a public holiday as well. Especially if the first public holiday is one that sees you enjoy a drink or two with friends.

I know that I have been a terrible commenter of late and I am terribly sorry for my lack of comments. 

I know that I could happily spend the whole weekend, just me, my Mac and the net. Oh so blissful.

I know there is no way that is going to happen. Certainly not this weekend anyway and quite possibly not any weekend in the foreseeable future. 


I know that as I sit here and type my house is beyond a shambles. Which is what I meant when I said I have struggled to handle this week. When the house has at least some sort of order to it's chaos I feel able to handle everything so much better.

double sigh

I know that have a bit of a sleep in yesterday morning was awesome. Possibly even beyond awesome.

I know that coming downstairs from said sleep in, to discover Miss Three with handfuls of her hair no longer attached to her head was not so awesome.

I know that Mr Awesome was much more relaxed about it all than what I would have been if it had of happened on my watch.

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I know that having Miss Six explain that she was actually responsible for the hair cut because she couldn't stand Miss Three's fringe being in her eyes any longer made it a bit tricky to get angry with her, regardless of who's watch it happened on.

I know that leaving this post to go and take apart the s-bend pipe under the bathroom sink so that I could retrieve the tooth Miss Six just dropped down there, was not on my list of things to do. But done it I have.

I know that being able to do such a thing makes me feel all I am woman hear me roar.

I know that never being able to remember which way it undo and which way is tighten when dealing with screwy things makes me feel a lot less I am woman hear me roar.

I know that even though my pledge of 5km for Kate Says Stuff #OpMOVE500 hasn't appeared on the pledge list I am still going to get out there and run my 5km today. Commitment and dedication are not always my strong points and I am trying to change that. Seeing this through is part of that plan.

I know that Kate just told me she was about to add me to the list so with that in mind I best hit publish and get my runners on.

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  1. Awww bless. You know a lot this week Rhi :) I haven't dealt very well with having an extra day off this week, and while the day was nice and productive, last night felt like Sunday and now it's Friday night again....which is a good thing...
    Glad to hear you got a sleep in at least ,here's to a couple more on the weekend sans bad haircuts ofcourse xxx

  2. Oh I think I would have not been so happy with the hair cut either!
    Hope your feeling more yourself this week xx


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