Thursday, April 4

One of those days

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You know those days where everything feels like it is turning to crap? Where no matter what is going on it is sure to go wrong in some shape or form, possible and most probably even both. 

Those days where you just wished you had of stayed in bed, or at least in the house. Those days where it is best if you removed yourself from human interaction because undoubtedly people will drive you to distraction. Even when they don't mean to. Those days where patience has run out the door and every little thing will invariably rub you the wrong way. Most likely because you doubt there even is a right way.

Today feels like one of those days.

It shouldn't but it does. And shaking it just doesn't seem possible.

Today feels like a day where I could quite easily walk into a the doctor and walk out with a bunch of little pills in the hope they are the magic ticket to happiness. Of course I know that is not how it really works but still...

Right now it feels like the weight of the world is resting purely on my poor weak little shoulders. My back feeling like it is unable to withstand much more and likely to give way at any given moment. Leaving me crumpled up and squashed, not unlike a deflated ball kicked aside, no longer of worth to anyone.

All rather dramatic I know.

The worst part about this all is that there have been some rather exciting moments to the day.

Things like getting confirmation that when Samuel Johnson is in town I will get to meet him and have a little chat. I am beyond excited, and nervous, but at the end of the day the excitement will win. 
Or at least I hope it will. 

If you haven't already heard Sam is riding a unicycle 15000km around Australia in a bid to raise awareness for breast cancer as well as $1Million for the cause. You can donate here

Sunday will also see my darling little Miss Two become Miss Three. It is the first birthday where she really gets the whole birthday concept. Today we walked around the shops and she pointed out various things the birthday fairy will bring her. A concept which just melts my heart because after nearly 12 years of children's birthdays this is the first time I have heard of the birthday fairy. Who knows where she picked it up from but it is beyond cute.

Though it was at the shops that I could feel the unhappiness grow.

As much as I live in a capital city, it is a small capital city. In fact I am sure there are some country towns or even inner city suburbs, that possibly have more than what we do. Turns out in the whole shopping centre there is only one shoe shop that sells children's shoes. Naturally they didn't have a single solitary pair in the nearly birthday girl's size.

"Are you *$#%ing kidding me????" I somehow refrained from screeching at the shop assistant as I stormed out of the store. Go me huh?

I now have to ring said store to ask if she happened to come across a cute little hand knitted bunny rabbit that Miss Nearly Three insisted on taking to the shops that never quite made it home.

Again I refrained from my overwhelming desire to scream "Are you *$#%ing kidding me????" I am sure my mother of the year award will be here any moment.

The worst part about the whole losing the stupid toy (that my mother had made and only given us two days before hand I might add) is that in all my years of being a mother I have never allowed toys to come shopping. Never, ever, never. 

My blood starts to boil at my idiotic resolve to bend the rules a little. Surely I should know by now that rules are there for a reason. (And contrary to whatever I may have said earlier, some rules are not meant to be broken) Live and learn I guess.


None of this is helped by the fact I am acutely aware of there being real problems that people, some of whom I love dearly, are suffering from. Not that it can be discussed here though. Something about lack of privacy and not my stories to tell...

Double sigh.

On the upside though, because as a regular reader you would know I am all about the upside, did I mention I get to meet Samuel Johnson? 

Seriously though there is a lot to the upside. Stuff like I managed to find some great birthday presents for the upcoming birthday girl. And by great I mean what I was looking for and on special. Win win right there peoples. I also scored some free movie tickets. Winning again. 

Then there are just the everyday winning things like having a home, food, loving husband and all that jazz. Blessed is what I truly am and for that I am thankful. Just sometimes a whinge is what we all need. It is good for the soul. The weights all now feel lighter as my burdens have been shared. Thanks for listening.

Have you got something you need to share? The comment box is ready and waiting.

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  1. Big hugs to you Rhi! I know where you are coming from - even though there are so many good things in our lives sometimes we still feel like the world is on our shoulders. A big happy birthday to soon to be Miss 3 too. I also have a soon to be Miss 3 and I love that she is starting to get into the birthday spirit!

    1. It is such great age isn't it?

      Thanks for the hugs as well lovely. Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

  2. Happy Birthday to Miss 3. I hope your little whinge has helped & relieved some of the weight on your shoulders. Remember, we're all ears & can lend a shoulder whenever you need it. Jealous at you for meeting Samuel Johnson by the way. :)

    1. Thanks lovely Jules, felt much better from the moment that I started writing. Words have a way with me like that. I will give Sam a big kiss for you ;) Oh I think they are still looking for bloggers to share his story, maybe you can catch up with him when he heads your way?

  3. We all have those days. Last week was full of those days for me, but thankfully this week has been a little better, though it's still had its moments. Most of which have come tonight.
    Hope tomorrow is so much better for you. And if it helps, I have shoe giveaway coming up on Sunday?

    1. Yep they are just part and parcel of life really aren't they. Glad your week has been a little better, hope it just keeps on soaring. And when you say shoes, do you by chance mean Mox? They so need to be mine if that is the case

  4. My week started out really crappy. It's getting better. I hope yours improves too :)

    1. Sorry to hear your week started crappy to lovely, hope it keeps picking up. FWBK to you lovely xx

  5. I LOVE the idea of a birthday fairy ! How cute is that!?
    I know the feeling of one of those days all too well, seem to be having them a fair bit lately so know where you are coming from. Hopefully a brighter day tomorrow. fingers crossed :)
    Hugs xxx

    1. Yep I can't believe I didn't think of the birthday fairy before now either. Bless her little cotton socks. Perhaps there is something in the air with so many of us knowing the feeling. Hope you have a great weekend lovely

  6. Sorry you're not feeling so well. I hate it when I get in those downs when nothing seems to make you feel better. I really hope you start to move out of that feeling soon. V.

    1. Thanks lovely, today is a brand new day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all in all, for this moment right now, all is well. FWBK to you lovely, thanks for dropping in

  7. For someone that doesn't whinge, you deserve to do so x1000 whenever you want!

    Hope that blasted bunny finds it's way home. I have the no toy rule too... and every time I bend it, said toy goes on holiday to somewhere special and new... and sometimes makes it's way back home.

    Hope today is being kind to you.

    MC xxx


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