Friday, April 12

I Love Your Blog -As you blog through adversity #DPCON13

I Love Your Blog
This week's inspiration for the blogs I love comes from experiences at DPCON13. In fact so much experience has come from these three blogs that I have actually had to break it all up into two posts.

One of the discussion panels at the conference was on blogging through adversity. It was moderated by Grace from who by the way, did so wonderfully.

The discussion created by these amazingly strong and resilient women is one that is both heart breaking and warming. There strength, determination and pure ability to just keep on keeping on is of endless inspiration to me.

On the panel was
Lori from  Random Ramblings of a SAHM (RRSAHM), 

Tiff from My Three Ring Circus


Rachel from Mummy Muddles

Three amazing women, each with their own heartbreaking story to tell. Each doing so with beauty, poise and an honest openness that touches my heart in the most deepest of ways.

My Three Ring Circus and RRSAHM were both blogs that were already on my totally love list prior to the conference. In fact there is actually a whole other post about them here. Mummy Muddles however was one I had not before read. Upon returning home and having a read through a few posts, it didn't take me long to decide that it was on the totally love list.

Actually just hearing Rachel read one of her posts later on that evening I knew I would love her blog.

The rawness of Rachel's pain and grief is very confronting, and I will be honest, I can't stop in there all the time, I am an emotional reader at the best of times. It is like I absorb the sadness and sometimes it can be hard to shake. Which I feel terrible saying because I am sure that is how Rachel must feel only she doesn't get the chance to click away or not go and read...Through all of this though Rachel's words are penned in such a beautiful way that it is a criminal for them not to be read. By everyone.

Have you got a blog you love to read? 
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