Friday, April 12

Things I Know - School Holidays, Birthdays and Interviewing Superstars

It feels like forever since I shared some of the things that I know. Which makes me want to say the first thing I know this week is that it has been all systems a go here for the past few weeks.

The excitement of the Digital Parents Conference led straight into the onslaught of birthday season in our house. It really feels like the last few weeks have been nothing but a blur.

But complaining I am not. For the most, perhaps even nearly all, there has been an abundance of joy, fun and laughter. Naturally there was the odd day where things all got a little too much but that is just part and parcel of living a life. I blogged, tweeted and shared and before long my worries seemed gone.
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So what is it I know right here right now?

I know I went to make this post all about my love of all things school holidays. But then I realised I had already done that here.

I know I then thought I could carry on about birthdays. Until I realised I had already harped on about birthdays quite a lot lately.

I know that every time I think about being in the same room as Samuel Johnson my knees seem to go weak. Not to mention the rapid increase in the beating of my heart. When I say beating I may possibly actually mean pounding.

I know that it is actually easier and possibly best not to think too much about it. Else I send myself into a state of worry that for some crazy ill fated reason it all never takes place.

I know I need to have faith that all will be ok. In the end it always is.

I know that the Love Your Sister campaign is beyond awesome. Really and truly. I could not urge people enough to get behind and show support. Have you checked it out yet?

I know I need to just remember that at the end of the day, regardless of what kind of acting superstar he is, Samuel is still just a brother with a very sick sister trying to make a difference.

I know that I am actually being super organised and writing this well ahead of time. Hence it is actually late at night right now. Which means it is time for this little blogger to head to bed.

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  1. WOW - have had a quick look at the Love Your Sister site - what an amazing man !!!
    It certainly puts my life into perspective when I read about others who are so much worse off than me and I am grateful for the issues that I am dealing with.
    Have the best weekend !

  2. *giggles* I KNEW you'd been run off your feet! No rest for a Mumma!!

    You will be fine with the interview, how could you not! You're an incredible person interviewing another incredible person... seriously you gotta take a deep breath and remember that :)

    I'm not even officially on day 1 of holidays yet - that comes tomorrow - but I've realised how much I LOVE not rushing in the mornings! I even painted my nails this morning before what would have been leave for school time! lol

    Have an amazing week Rhi xxx


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