Thursday, April 18

Thankful for so many things

When I wrote on Tuesday that I had a couple of big days at the office ahead of me, I didn't  actually realise just how big, big was. Sitting here now, late on Thursday night, I don't think my head has still fully comprehended just how big the past two days have been. 

I am so thankful they have been as wonderful as they have been as well.
Traditional Aboriginal dancers
I am thankful I had my photo taken with these guys. The One Mob Dancers.
These guys are so awesome they get a post of their own, well in a few days or so they will
On a side note, I really wish I had of chosen a different pose. A model I am not
Kenny Rogers is gently crooning in the background. His voice soothes my soul in a way words can never explain. Though tonight the music has a duel purpose, help my buzzing brain find clarity and block out the constant droning buzz created by the various night bugs that inhabit my home and garden. 

I am so thankful that last year I had the chance to see Kenny sing live.

Now Kim Carnes has joined Kenny for a duet and I am instantly transported back to my childhood. Waltzing around the lounge room, duster in hand. Banks of metal louvers apparently in need of a good once over. 

My mother was a domestic goddess and some how managed to convince my brother and I that playing records and wiping windows was fun. Interestingly enough my sister never seemed to fall too much for this. 

I am so thankful for my wonderful family. 

Family truly is an amazing thing. The last few days I have been watching the power of love that is created by family. Hearing Samuel Johnson talk about his sister Connie is proof of that. As is his quest to spread breast cancer awareness across  the country. And when I say across the country I mean in the most literal possible way. 

I am thankful that I got the opportunity to share some of their time in Darwin. 

Particularly because it meant I got the chance to take photos of these family members.

Cindy and Connie
Connie and her cousin Cindy who lives here in Darwin
Connie arrives at the welcome
Connie and Sam  
Cindy catching up with her cousin Cindy
Sam and Cindy. And a really big snake.
If you haven't already, check out Love Your Sister

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  1. Lovely post Rhi - and you look all shy in that first pic, kinda sweet! I hope you had a great weekend and super week ahead! Em

    1. Thanks lovely. I felt a bit shy actually, standing in amongst all those half dressed men and all


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