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Optari Backpack - Review & Giveaway

Now I know that the end of term one might sound like a strange time to do a backpack review and giveaway but when the opportunity arose to check out the Optari Backpack, I just couldn't say no.

Backpack shopping is one of my back to school pet hates. Finding a bag that both child and I agree on is rarely easy. While they are all concerned with what is pretty, hip or cool I am looking at finer details like sturdiness, durability, and size. 

The little misses get all concerned with whether they can find their current favourite colour, yet I am more bothered as to whether the chosen colours will show the dirt and how easily it will come clean. Such details are given no such premise in the mind of a child.

Some ten weeks ago when Miss Six and I were completing the incredibly exciting task of grocery shopping she discovered a bag that she wanted to call her own. It was only $10 and not as big and bulky as last year's selection so I agreed to the purchase. The thought of getting out of school bag shopping greatly outweighed all else.

As we discovered on the first day of school three other little girls from Miss Six's class and their mothers had a similar experience while at the local supermarket. Suddenly the appeal of the bag seemed to fade. Worsened only by the fact the home reader and library bag don't fit while the lunch box is in there. 

Dramas, dramas, dramas.

All of which I am pretty sure would have been avoided if I had of known the coolness that is an Optari backpack.

With six bright colours to choose from, including purple, black and red, as well as those shown above, there is bound to be a colour that every child and parent can agree on. Especially since the whole idea of these great backpacks is to personalise them with your own selection from the Optari mini fobbz collection.
Just some of the cute fobbz available to add to your backpack

There are currently fourteen different fobbz to choose from and twenty one places to display them on your backpack. Essentially making the possibilities endless. They also make pretty cool swapsies badges with your friends at school. Because trust me once you rock up at school with one of these, all your friends will be wanting one as well.

The lovely backpack and three fobbz
that were kindly sent for me to check out.
World War III almost ensued at our house when I unpacked this little beauty the other day. 

In my mind I had pretty much already decided that it was more suited to Miss Six than Miss Eleven. However Miss Eleven assured me that I was wrong. First year middle school students would indeed like such a cool backpack. 

She even went to the effort of proving to me all her required books and things would in fact adequately fit. (As does Miss Six's home reading folder by the way) 

With two large zipped compartments, internal pockets, pen holders and side net pockets there is actually a great deal of room in what to the eye looks like a small backpack. The straps are wide, well padded and according to Miss Six, super comfortable.

At only $29.99 the Optari backpack is to me very reasonably priced. Especially since for this picky bag selector it ticks all the right boxes. With the fobbz being $3.50 each they too fall into the I would actually consider purchasing you category. 

To me they would make a perfect reward chart prize.

The lovely Sue from Addicted2pixels did offer to send me a second bag in a bid to offer peace amongst the girls but I politely declined. Much to Miss Eleven's disappointment I might add. 

You see as much as  I would love another one of these little beauties I would much rather be able to offer one of my lovely readers a chance to experience the awesomeness of an Optari backpack and five fobbz to kick off the collection.

For your chance to enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below.
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Oh and just to be sure, I was given an Optari backpack and three fobbz to review for this post. No money exchanged and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
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  1. They are very cute, love the bright colours!

  2. Oh what an awesome backpack!! Perfect for all ages I think!!

  3. Love this giveaway! The bag and the little fobbz are gorgeous xx

  4. Oh that is such a gorgeous little backpack and the fobbz make personalising it so cute!!!! It looks pretty sturdy too which is great considering the treatment they can get! xx

  5. Gorgeous - hope you're great girl!

  6. What an incredibly cute back pack! I couldn't agree more, the new year backpack shop is an ugly, tiresome job.

  7. What awesome bags! My Matilda would love one of these - especially the fobbz - she's at the age where she loves personalising everything...it's exhausting!

  8. I'm spewing I didn't do the review for one of these now! It looks awesome!

  9. Do people really buy new backpacks annually? All the more reason to purchase a well made one, I should think. We have standard issue schoolbags with logos off the uniform lists, so we don't even get a choice. These look really nice though!

  10. I would have loved these as a kid!!!! I would have spent forever planning what fobbz to get :)
    Great giveaway!

    Have a fabbo week xxxxx

  11. Oh wow! My three kids would love one of these guys each! How awesome are they?!

  12. These look like fun and very personalised :)

  13. Such a great giveaway - I love your idea of using them for a rewards chart


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